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DOGS TODAY: current situation and conflicts

45 million U.S. households contain a dog, according to the APPA

77.5 million dogs live in the U.S.APPA

6 - 8 million dogs and cats enter shelters each year HSUS

3 -4 million dogs and cats euthanized in shelters annually HSUS

2 million dogs euthanized annually in shelters NAIA

70% - Percentage of people who acquire animals, but don't keep them for life OLHS

7.3 million dogs acquired each year, NAIA

* 73% dogs bought as puppies from pet stores and breeders

* 13% dogs adopted as puppies from shelters

* 8% dogs aquired as adults from shelters




Ask the dog's owner before you say hi or offer treats.

Do not try to make friends with a dog by looking in the dogs' eyes; they take this as aggression.

Remember that a scared dog (ears back, tails between legs, hackles up) will bite out of fear.

Dogs who have been abused are not going to like an open hand coming at them from above.

If the dog is shy, let the dog approach you.


More information coming soon.


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Midwest - See other animals in the Midwest
basset hound waddle
Illinois Waddle for Great American Basset Rescue
Great American Basset Rescue marches hundreds of bassets down Mazon Avenue. The dogs are part of Dwight's annual Harvest Days festival, which is the third week in September.
GABR has rescued more than 3,000 bassets since 1997.
dog swimming
Evanston Dog Beach
Evanston's Dog Beach is not far from the main town beach. Very cool idea. Though in typical Evanston fashion, there is a 7-page rule and application packet. You have to get a yearly pass ($50 for residents, $100 for non-residents). 847.866.2900, 7 am to 8 pm, May through October.
dog swimming
Chicago's Dog Beach at Montrose
 Chicago lets dogs play off-leash at the north end of Montrose Beach. According to Chicago Canine, you need a special city license. They also say that Belmont Harbor is an illicit dog beach.
Woofstock - Ohio
Woofstock is an all-day dog festival with a 1.5 mile walk with pledges, a blessing of the animals and lots of contests and displays. It raised $71k in 2008 to benefit the Geauga Humane Society. The fest is held at the Holden Arboretum., Holden Arboretum
9500 Sperry Rd, Willoughby, OH 

Midwest Agility Dog Championship
Every August Contact Sports Agility hosts the regional championships for agility dogs. Hundreds of dogs compete. Regional Sports Center
1310 Ridgefield Rd, Crystal Lake, IL (815) 455-6634

dog swimming
Dock Dogs World Championship
For the last 10 years has turned the hobby of dogs of jumping into water into a sport. After events around the country, the national championship proves who can leap the farthest or highest off a dock.
For 2009 the Cabella's contest is in Mason, Ohio October 16-18.
pit bull
All-American Dog Fest (Pit Bull)
On Oct. 25, 2009, Minnesota Bully Lovers will host its first annual All-American Dog Fest in honor of National Pit Bull Awareness Day. They'll show off how family-friendly these dogs are.
West St. Paul Training & Community Center, 1346 South Robert Street
Saint Paul, MN,
west highland terrier
WestieWalk - Ohio
Two cousins started WestieWalk, a big walk for Westies that benefits breed rescue and research into Westie diseases. In 2009, the walk will be Oct. 10. Friendship Park
138 Oklahoma Ave, Gahanna, OH (614) 475-9206

Northeast - See other animals in the Northeast
handsome dog in costume
Tompkins Square Dog Run Halloween
Tompkins Square Dog Run, New York City's oldest dog run, has the city's biggest and most flamboyant dog Halloween event. Hundreds of dogs and sometimes their owners get dressed up and compete for prizes, with all proceeds going to the run maintenance. There are dueling "biggest dog Halloween" events in the country and this is one of them.
basset hound waddle
Boardwaddle Tri-State Basset Hound Rescue - NJ
Every April hundreds of bassets slowly march down Asbury Avenue, stealing the show from the traditional Do Dah Parade. The hounds are raising money for Tri-State Basset Hound Rescue.
Parade starts on Asbury Av. at 6th St. Bassets turn on 12th toward the Boardwalk and head to Fenton Carey Field
Poodle Party at Crabappledowns Poodle Farm - NH
Every year Crabappledowns Poodle Farm hosts a poodle party for all the poodles in the northeast--not just the ones bred here. You can also rent a house or cottage here throughout the year--very dog friendly--whether or not you have a poodle.
Arlene Mills  RR 3, Box 314  Colebrook, NH (603) 237-4385
Greyhound Planet - MA
Greyhound Planet events are held around the country to celebrate greyhounds and their close relatives (both human families and similar dogs such as lurchers). In 2009 the events are Sept 12 or 13. The big event in Massachusetts is at the Webb Memorial State Park, River St, Weymouth, MA 508-889-2416,
Dog Fest - MD
The Baltimore Humane Society has Maryla nd's biggest dog party, with 5K-9 fun run where you run with your dog, an pledge walk, games & contests for dogs, agility demonstrations, and dog swimming area. It's at the Shawan Downs equestrian center and will include rescue horses. Oct, 10, 2009 1401 Shawan Rd, Cockeysville, MD
South - See other aninals Down South
Savannah Annual Weiner Dawg Race
The Savannah Dachshund Club hosts the Great American Wiener Dawg Weekend in early October. Dogs race down historic River Street. They also dress in costumes and give their people an excuse to socialize.
The rest of the year they meet the first Sunday of every month at 2 pm in Forsyth Park, at the fountain near the northern end,at intersection of Bull and Gaston Streets.
SCOTT 912-443-0977
Mid-Atlantic Dachshund Phest (MADP)
Mid-Atlantic Dachshund Phest (MADP) draws 1,200 doxies and their friends to an all-day event with races, agility and rescues. They've moved indoors to the Prince William County Fairground. 10624 Dumfries Rd., Manassas, VA (703) 368-0173
out west
The West - See other animals out West
west highland terrier
Westie Walk
Hundreds of Westies (West Highland Terriers) go for a 1½ mile walk and i Portland. Dogs who are friends of Westies are welcome, too. Register here.
Wallace Park, NW Raleigh St. Portland, OR  (503) 823-7529
US Dog Agility Championship
For the last few years the US Dog Agility Association (USDAA) has been holding its huge championship at the WestWorld equestrian center in Scottsdale. The contest, which includes frisbee, flayball, terrier racing and dock jumping along with traditional agility, will be Nov 10-14  Next year they hope to move the competition to a more central spot. 16601 N Pima Rd Scottsdale, AZ
Doggie Olympics
Since 1995 the Larimer Animal-People Partnership has been holding a Doggie Olympics as part of their mission to promote the human-animal bond. They've gotten so popular you have to pre-register ahead for the races, tricks and obedience contests and odd-ball events like dogs retrieving hot dogs from water. The whole day benefit programs promoting animal assisted activities and therapies. City Park, Fort Collins, Sun Oct 4 2009
CA California -- See other animsla in California
basset hound waddle
Basset Rescue of Central Calfornia Waddle
Basset Rescue of Central California holds an annual waddle as part of the Kingsburg Sweedish Festival.
Basset Rescue of Central California holds an annual waddle as part of the Kingsburg Sweedish Festival.

dog swimming
Splash Dogs at the LA County Fair
For five weeks in a row Splash Dogs--the sport of dogs jumping far and high into water--will be on display at the Los Angeles County Fair. More than on display--it's open to anyone to enter and practice. 1101 W McKinley Ave , Pomona, CA




Cat House on the Kings

Cat House on the Kings is an animal sanctuary located on 12 acres along the banks of The Kings River. Currently over 700 domestic cats reside there.  Rescued animals (mostly cats and dogs with a few rescued goats and peacocks), are spayed/neutered, tested for FELV/FIV, vaccinated, microchipped and put up for adoption. Some unadoptables will live out their lives there (ferals, owner-surrenders ($45/month), some with health issues like FIV).  This is a no-kill, no-cage, non-profit rescue and adoption center where the cats are free to roam inside and out. There are separate residences/yards for senior cats, FIV cats, and a large kitten quarters.  The main house is over 4000 square feet where the cats live in harmony. The Cat House on the Kings was founded in 1983 by Lynea Lattanzio and is funded by donations and Lynea. They have special events, like a cat Halloween.

7120 South Kings River Road, Parlier, CA Tours are available by appointment: (559) 638-8696

Great Dane Monthly Beach Days - CA
At 11 am on the first Saturday of each month 20-30 Great Danes play for a couple hours on Old Port Beach, Avila Beach, CA. All breeds welcome.  805-234-4060 or
Florida - See other animals in Florida
Pan American Agility Championships
The first Pan American Agility Championships will happen in Harris Field in February 2010. The US Dog Agility Association runs the increasingly huge contests.
Homestead, FL Feb 26, 2010 to Feb 28, 2010
Texas - See other animals in Texas
dog swimming
Public Pools Open For Dogs For One Day

Around Texas when pools close for the summer, the give the dogs and their people a chance to play. They usually have rules banning people from the pool for (we think overblown) health concerns.

Richardson, TX ,Dog Splash Day,

Henderson, NV Doggie Paddle & Play Day

Small dogs swim early, then the big dogs come in. Sept. 19, 2009

west highland terrier
Westie Walk - north Texas
Since 2004 Westie Rescue of North Texas has been raising money to save the cute, little terriers by having a huge walk for westies and their friends.
Mary Heads Carter Park, 2320 Heads Ln, Carrollton, TX
Canada Canada -- See other animals in Canada
basset hound waddle
Calgary Basset Waddle
Every September the Calgary Basset Rescue Network has a basset hound waddle to raise money to save more dogs.
In 2009 the group will get together in the Lynnewood off-leash park.
1998 Lynnover Crescent SE, Calgary, AB, Canada




If you have a suggestion for a spot, we'd love to hear about it. Please email us.


Humane Society of the United States
American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
Guardian Angel Basset Rescue (Illinois)
Tri-State Basset Rescue (NJ,NY,PA)
Tompkins Square Dog Run
dog literature
Masses of Bassets
Washington Post, 2004
Lick or Treat
New York Magazine, 2007





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How to Fly with Emotional Support Dogs
Getting your dog certified as an emotional support animal seems to be the way of the future. Eventually someone will come up with a way to let airlines just charge us for a regular seat for our dogs. But for now this is the uneasy truce between dog people and the airlines. Over Christmas I flew roundtrip from New York to Chicago in a way that goes against everything airlines stand for today: I paid no extra fees and had no unnecessary paperwork despite the fact that my daughter and I flew with two beagles at our feet as Emotional Support Animals. The planes didn't crash. The beagles didn't unpredictably go wild. They didn't even steal any cookies.
Most dog (and kid) friendly beach in New England? Plymouth
Plymouth, MA, lets you bring your dog on a summer day--which sets it apart from most of New England which has taken to banning dogs during some hours, all summer or just forever.
Dogs Can No Longer Walk into Famous Brooklyn Bar
One of New York City's most famously dog-friendly bar, The Gate, in Park Slope says it will no longer allow them because it was busted under the city's outdated health code.
Beagles Run for Rolling Pumpkins in Prospect Park
Our beagle Huckleberry has invented the sport of chasing pumpkins down a hill in Brooklyn's Prospect Park. His reward is he gets to eat the pumpkin, which he's able to break into after several rolls.
Many Ubiquitous TV Jingles Make Dogs Sing, But Why?
Dogs sing to the most ubiquitous songs on TV. Do they hate the Empire Carpet jingle as much as we do? Or do they like the familiarity of another Law and Order?
Obamas to Shelter Animals: Drop Dead
Obamas get another rarified purebred dog, then try to assuage their guilt by making a donation to the local shelter.
Show dog owner refuses necropsy, but accuses Peta of poisoning Samoyed at Westminster
I wonder what Det. Lenny Briscoe would think of this case: A loved one dies vomitting blood. The family accuses a vague political opponent of a specific kind of poisoning. And then refuses an autopsy. Ka-chung (gavel sound).
Atlanta's Duck Pond cracking down on Geese
One of the last places it was safe for families to feed ducks falls for the frenzy to eliminate Canada geese.
Birders v Dog People in Hurricane Sandy
Dog people are the only people out on the street and worry about dogs separated from their family. Birders are routing for petrels and other exotics get blown off course to pad out their life lists.
How to find a dog-sitter online, sorting through the DogVacay, and Yelp options
A ton of new websites promise to find you a local dog sitter. and its ilk end up inundating you with a depressing number of emails. DogVacay lets you find local dog lovers who open their homes. But I found a dog sitter I love on Yelp.

Basset Hound Waddles and Poodle Parties in the Fall

Basset Hound Waddles Around the Country