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Eagles TODAY: current situation and conflicts

Almost all raptors are staging a dramatic comeback after decades of dwindling population from hunting, poaching, habitat loss, environmental poisons such as DDT and PCBs. The bald eagle was bumped up from endangered to threatened in 1995, then removed from the endangered species list in 2007.


Raptors still face many dangers from people. In rural areas they are still shot as pests and threats to livestock. (Red-tails used to be called chicken hawks because that's what they ate.) Many die from collisions with cars and trains. The birds are increasingly moving into suburban and urban areas where they eat rat poison through their prey and accumulating enough of a dose in their livers to kill them. Still others die from lead poisoning from eating animals shot by hunters.




When it comes to posing for a picture, raptors are jerks. They will fly away as soon as they see you. Don't even try to get close to their tree. A car, conveniently enough, makes a good blind.


Bald eagles are more gregarious when they are not trying to raise young. In wintering populations dozens of eagles may sleep on the same roost tree together.




Is the bald eagle still endangered?

No. Haliaeetus leucocephalus only lives in North America and Ireland. The bird was upgraded from endangered to threatened in 1995, then totally bumped off the endangered species list in 2007, thanks largely to cracking down on poachers and DDT. The IUCN, which rates how vulnerable animals are, now dismissively says the bald eagle is of "least concern."



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midwest Midwest - See other animals in the Midwest
National Eagle Center, Wabasha, Mn
Bald eagles come to Wabasha, Minn., south of St. Paul, for the winter and some stay all year. The National Eagle Center has educational programs and a viewing area to see eagles on the river. They also rehab injured eagles and keeps three that can't make it in the wild.
The resident eagles would like your donated fish.
The Center offers these tips on seeing eagles nearby:

South of the Eagle Center:  An 11-foot eagle nest is in a cottonwood tree in St. Mary's Cemetery about 15 miles south of Wabasha on Route 61.

North of the Eagle Center:  On highway 61 up to St. Paul there are several pull-outs to see eagles. They fish in Lake Pepin.
152 Main St W, Wabasha, MN (651) 565-4989 map »

Bald Eagle Appreciation Days Keokuk, IA
Hundreds of bald eagles flock to Keokuk Iowa's dam 19 to fish in the winter. Each January the town holds Bald Eagle Appreciation Days. According to Clay Steele in Iowa Source, about 400 to 700 eagles are drawn to area because there is no ice below the dam so it's easy to fish.
(319) 524-5599
map »
Starved Rock Eagles

 Starved Rock State Park is the The closest big bald eagle viewing site to Chicago. Less than two hours from the city, you can see eagles fishing along the Illinois River in the winter.
In late January on Eagle Watching Weekend, you can see the eagles from the Illinois Waterway Visitor Center across the river with scopes set up by the Army Corps of Engineers, the Illinois Raptor Center and the Starved Rock Audubon.
Illinois Waterway Visitor Center, 950 N 27th Rd, Uninc La Salle County, IL (815)667-4054

Read Blog Post About Visiting

Prairie du Sac & Sauk City Eagle Watch Wisconsin
Each winter eagles turn up in Prairie du Sac and Sauk City. The Prairie Bluff Eagle Council has programs at the local high school on the third weekend in January. 
The Ferry Bluff Eagle Council provides this handy map of good viewing sites and where you shouldn't go to avoid disturbing the eagles.
The easiest spot is by Water and Washington Streets.
(800) 683-2453



Hitchcock Nature Area Hawkwatch, Honey Creek, IA
The Hitchcock Nature Area hosts a Hawkwatch each fall from September through December.
According to Nebraska Raptor Recovery, volunteers are out each weekend.
September: Turkey Vultures, Sharp-shinned Hawks, Swainson's Hawks, Broad-winged Hawks, Cooper's Hawks, American Kestrels, and Ospreys.
October through December (the day of and after a cold front are best) Red-tailed Hawks,  Sharp-shinned Hawks, Northern Harriers.
November and December: Bald Eagles Watchers are on the Lodge deck, Badger Hill on the Badger Ridge Trail and the Overlook in bad weather.
27792 Ski Hill Loop, Honey Creek, IA (712) 545-3283 Map »
Quad City Bald Eagle Days
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers runs eagle watches at the Mississippi River Visitor Center as part of the Quad City Bald Eagle Days each February. The Corps sets up scopes and you can even watch the eagles from inside.
Eagles fish near dams in the area because there is no ice below the dams.

The festival also includes indoor bird demonstrations at the QCCA Expo Center, 2621 4th Ave, Rock Island.

The Welcome Center is off Rodman Avenue at Lock and Dam 15 on Arsenal Island, Rock Island. (309) 794-5338.

The Quad-City Times also recommends these sites:
Lock and Dam 14 at Pleasant Valley, Iowa and Hampton, Ill
Sunset Park in Rock Island. Credit Island in Davenport.
Ft. Randall Dam (ND) Eagles
Several hundred bald eagles may spend the winter at the Karl E. Mundt National Wildlife Refuge, which gets far less if it's a mild winter. But you can't go there. It's closed to the public to protect the birds. What you can do is see them fish in the unfrozen waters below the Ft. Randall Dam, which is managed by the Army Corps of Engineers.
USACE Fort Randall Project
U.S. Hwy 281 & 18, 399 Powerhouse Rd., Pickstown, SD (605) 487-7845
Fort Gibson Lake (OK)
On January weekends volunteers from the Indian Nations Audubon Society are on hand with spotting scopes to help you try to spot one of the bald eagles that winters here. Eagles feed and roosting below the reservoir.
Oklahoma Tourism came up with a list of bald eagle events in winter and early spring throughout the state.
They say the best spots are the following lakes often have the highest concentration of eagles: Kaw Lake, Lake Texoma, Lake Tenkiller, Ft. Gibson Lake, Grand Lake (Twin Bridges State Park), Canton Lake, Great Salt Plains National Wildlife Refuge, Robert S. Kerr Reservoir (Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge), Wister Lake, Lake Arcadia, and Spavinaw Lake.
Audubon  (918) 478-3920
Army Corp of Engineers (918) 682-4314
Oklahoma Tourism (800) 652-6552



University of Minnesota Raptor Center
The Raptor Center at the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine treats injured raptors, trains vets and does raptor research. They also have public education programs and keep many non-releasable eagles, hawks, falcons and owls. They treat 800 birds a year. They have a raptor program weekends at 1.
1920 Fitch Ave., St Paul, MN (612) 624-4745 Map »
Missouri Eagle Day
Missouri worked hard to reinstate the bald eagle, reintroducing young eagles from 1980 to 1991. As of 2006, the state had 123 nesting pairs, 150 young eagles and about 2,000 winter eagle residents.
The eagles are mainly around Truman Lake and Table Rock Lake and along the Mississippi and Osage Rivers. They nest in sycamore trees. In the winter they are looking for non-frozen water to fish.
Missouri hosts a state wide Eagle Days and provides a map of likely viewing sites, where there will be help spotting.
2007-8 Eagle Days Brochure If you see an eagle nest in Missouri, you can report  to Missouri Department of Conservation at (660) 885-6981.
Branson, MO Eagle Watch
Just outside country music theatre capital, Branson, bald eagles spend the winter. You can view them on the river from downtown, the Shepherd of the Hills Fish Hatchery or Table Rock State Park.
During the state-wide Eagle Days, spotters and guides will be out to help.
Table Rock Lake is one of the best places in the state to see them. They nest here in the winter. You may want to hire a guide.
Hatchery (417)334-4865
Table Rock Lake (417) 334-4101
Table Rock State Park 417-334-4704

Missouri worked hard to reinstate the bald eagle, reintroducing young eagles from 1980 to 1991. As of 2006, the state had 123 nesting pairs, 150 young eagles and about 2,000 winter eagle residents.
The eagles are mainly around Truman Lake and Table Rock Lake and along the Mississippi and Osage Rivers. They nest in sycamore trees. In the winter they are looking for non-frozen water to fish.
Missouri hosts a state wide Eagle Days and provides a map of likely viewing sites, where there will be help spotting.
2007-8 Eagle Days Brochure

Old Chain of Rocks Bridge Eagles, St. Louis
The Old Chain of Rocks Bridge, which crosses Mississippi River into Illinois in St. Louis, is one of the best places to see bald eagles in Missouri.
The old 1929 iron bridge now just carries walkers and bikers. Formerly part of Route 66, the bridge has a curve in the middle and provides excellent river views. Below is a dam and above is the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers.

During Missouri's statewide February Eagle Days, a spotter or guide may be out to help you find the eagles.

Missouri worked hard to reinstate the bald eagle, reintroducing young eagles from 1980 to 1991. As of 2006, the state had 123 nesting pairs, 150 young eagles and about 2,000 winter eagle residents.
The eagles are mainly around Truman Lake and Table Rock Lake and along the Mississippi and Osage Rivers. They nest in sycamore trees. In the winter they are looking for non-frozen water to fish.

The Army Corps of Engineers runs Truman Dam's indoor and outdoor  Eagle Day. (660) 438-2216

2007-8 Eagle Days Brochure
If you see an eagle nest in Missouri, you can report  to the Corps of Engineers at (660) 438-7317 ext. 1223 or to the Missouri Department of Conservation at (660) 885-6981.
Cassville (WI) Bald Eagle Days
Cassville, WI, sits right on the Mississippi River so it's easy to see bald eagles here in the winter. Check out Dam 10. Hundreds The town celebrates Bald Eagle Days in late January. Nearby Nelson Dewey State Park is a good place to look from, too.
Squaw Creek NWR (MO) Eagles
Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge, out side Mound City, MO, counts about 30 bald eagles in the winter. You can see them from your car along the main drive.
(800) 877-8339
The refuge is located 5 miles south of Mound City, MO, Take exit 79 off I-19. Drive 3 miles west on 159.

Whitefish Pt Bird Observatory
The Whitefish Point Bird Observatory, in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan just across Lake Superior from Canada, is one of the best birding spots in Michigan.
In January and February the Audubon site gives winter tours that include bald eagles. Other common species are  rough-legged hawk, ruffed grouse, sharp-tailed grouse, snowy owl and pileated woodpecker.
The Observatory has frequent owl banding events and watches.
16914 N Whitefish Point Rd., Paradise, MI (906) 492-3596 Map »
Lowell, Michigan Eagles
People have reported seeing eagles in Lowell, Michigan for years. Eagle Watch of Western Michigan points to this bend in the River, just north of 91 and Burroghs St. NE. Others point to the area just south of Lowell where the Flat and Grand Rivers meet.
In 1978, bald eagles were classified as endangered in the lower 48 states--except Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Washington, and Oregon, where they were called threatened.
Seney NWR Eagles (MI)
The Seney National Wildlife Refuge, near Sault Ste Marie on Michigan's UP, has bald eagles and occasional golden eagles.
You may also see osprey, harrier or Sandhill Crane.
The refuge gives tours to see the elusive, tiny Yellow Rail, which breeds in the area.
13-lined ground squirrels are present, but rare. Black bear and Canadian lynx live here, too. Moose liver here, but you're more likely to see tracks than animals.
1674 Refuge Entrance Rd., Seney, MI (906) 586-9851
Lake MonRoe (IN) Eagle Watch Weekend
Fans consider Lake Monroe, just south of Bloomington, to be the best place to watch birds and eagles in Indiana.
Eagles were released here in 1985-89. Only a few pairs nest here year-round. More than 100 are typically spotted in November, January, February and March.
In February there's Eagle Watch Weekend with plenty of guided bus tours.

BirdCountry has a Eagle Watch Weekend
4850 South State Road 446, Bloomington, IN (812) 837-9546
northeast Northeast - See other animals in the Northeast
Eagle Watch at Lackawaxen, PA on the NY border
In the winter 100-200 eagles stop over in the rivers near the Delaware Water Gap. Lackawaxen, PA, is one of the best spots to see them. The Eagle Institute EAGLE WATCH! every Saturday and Sunday from January– mid-March.
This group of volunteers has made a really helpful map, which you can pick up at their office, and a list of local eagle viewing spots.
Basha Kill Wildlife Management Area, near Wurtsboro, NY
A breeding pair of eagles can be viewed from the main boat launch on South Road.
Little Swartswood Lake at Swartswood State Park in Stillwater, NJ. A nest on this lake can be viewed from the boat dock. The little lake is a mile north of the state park.
Promised Land State Park, Pike County, PA
A breeding pair can be viewed safely from the wildlife observation station on Lower Lake by the Bear Wallow Boat Launch.
The Eagle Institute Winter Office
176 Scenic Drive, Lackawaxen, PA.
845-557-6162 or 570-685-5960



Berkshire Bird Paradise
Berkshire Bird Paradise is one of the country's biggest bird sanctuaries. More than 2,000 birds (100 species) live here and lots of them are the big ones everyone wants to see: bald and golden eagles; many kinds of large hawks; exotic pheasants; former pet songbirds; barnyard refugees; black swans.
 43 Red Pond Road
Petersburgh, NY (518) 279-3801 Peter Dubacher, Director
Connecticut Audubon Society Eagle Festival®
Each February the Connecticut Audubon Society Eagle Festival® offers a chance to see bald eagles on the Connecticut River. They have four daily cruises over the festival weekend. You can also see the eagles from land for free from scopes, see a live demonstration or hear lots of eagle talk.
The base is the Connecticut River Museum, 67 Main St., Essex, CT map »
Blackwater (MD) NWR Eagle Festival
More than 150 eagles nest at Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge over the winter. You may see them along Wildlife Drive. They arrive in December and build nests in loblolly pines. The chicks hatch mostly in April and fledge in June.
The annual eagle festival in mid-March, much later than most.
The Friends of Blackwater host demonstrations and walks to see eagles and other resident and migratory birds. In the winter 35,000 geese and 15,000 ducks stay at the refuge.
Sika deer breed from October to December

2145 Key Wallace Dr. Cambridge, MD (410) 228-2677
Hudson River Eagle Fest
Each February eagle experts come out in a heated tent at Croton Point Park, just off route 9/9A, to help people watch wintering eagles on the Hudson River. Teatown Lake Reservation hosts the demonstrations, tours and events. The Hudson River Audubon Society says its a top spot to see eagles in Westchester County.
The Eagle Institute says that the state will post experts to help see eagles safely at Croton Reservoir and at these spots on the Hudson:
Yonkers:Beczak Environmental Education Center and Hudson River Museum
Croton: Van Cortlandt Manor and Train Station Boat Ramp

Charles Point Park, Peekskill, NY

Constitution Marsh Audubon Center, Cold Spring, NY
George’s Island, Montrose, NY
Croton-on-Hudson, NY 
(914) 862-5290

Cumberland County, NJ Eaglefest and Owl Walks
In February you may see bald eagles and owls in Mauricetown, NJ. The Cumberland County Winter Eagle Fest features walks around the river and night walks to see owls.
The festival also recommends Beaver Dam Boat Rentals on Rt. 553 in Downe Township.
Merrimack River Eagle Festival (MA) Eagle Festival
The Massachusetts Audubon Society hosts the Merrimack River Eagle Festival every February on the Merrimack River in Newburyport (north of Boston).
There are events at the  Joppa Flats Education Center. For eagle tours, they'll hand out maps of where you can drive yourself or you can take 90-minute van tours that leave from Newburyport Chamber of Commerce, 38R Merrimac Street. (reservations required)

1 Plum Island Tpke., Newburyport, MA (978) 462-9998
south South - See other aninals Down South



Carolina Raptor Center
The Carolina Raptor Center, just north of Charlotte, takes in 700 orphaned, injured or ill wild birds a year from the public. Two-thirds of the birds problems are caused by humans. The center houses birds that can't make it in the wild.  These birds teach the public about the treatment of birds. One owl was found thrown out in a dumpster. The offspring of the eagles in the massive aviary are released to help conserve the wild population.
Demonstrations on Saturdays. Closed Sundays. $7.

Carolina Raptor Center, 6000 Sample Rd., Huntersville, NC(704) 875-6521 Map »

Reelfoot Lake, Tenn., Bald Eagle Watch
Reelfoot Lake State Park attracts about 200 bald eagles in the winter. The park offers telescopes, eagle boat tours and live eagle demonstrations throughout the winter.
Non-releasable eagles, hawks and owls live in cages at the park.
Reelfoot Lake State Park, 3120 State Route 213, Tiptonville, TN (731) 253-8003
Eagle tours (731) 253-7756
Eagle Expo, Morgan City, La.
Louisiana now has more than 250 bald eagle nests, mostly between the Mississippi River and the Mississippi River on the east and the Atchafalaya basin.
Each winter Morgan City hosts an Eagle Expo, which features seminars and boat tours to Atchafalaya Basin, Bayou Black, Bayou Chene and Lake Verret.
Dollywood's Eagle Mountain Sanctuary
Dollywood, Dolly Parton's hometown theme park, has the country's biggest sanctuary for bald eagles who couldn't make it in the wild. The American Eagle Foundation runs the Eagle Mountain Sanctuary has 60 raptors. Their offspring are released to the wild, helping ensure the national bird's survival. The Sanctuary does  educational demonstrations.
Dollywood, 1020 Dollywood Ln., Pigeon Forge, TN (865) 428-9488 Map »



Georgia Southern University Center for Wildlife Education and the Lamar Q Ball, Jr. Raptor Center
Georgia Southern University lets you tour different bird habitats and see demonstrations with Hawks, owls, falcons, eagles and vultures. The Georgia Southern University Center for Wildlife Education and the Lamar Q Ball, Jr. Raptor Center  has summer demonstrations are weekdays at 1.
In the summer the center is closed on weekends. They take birds off display if it gets hotter than 85.
The center no longer does wildlife rehabilitation. For $1,000 you can go on a falconry hunt.
The Center is off 301. Take Southern Drive, turn right on Sweetheart Circle, then right on Forest Drive. The Center is on the left, across from Public Safety.
(912) 478-0831
Lake Gunersville (AL) Eagle Weekends
Every weekend in January Alabama's Lake Gunersville State Park has eagle events, including talks and the chance to see the eagles.
7966 AL Hwy. 227 Guntersville, AL (256) 571-5440
Three Rivers Avian Center
Three Rivers Avian Center in West Virginia gives open houses the first Saturday of each summer month. They also have many events in the area. They have treated more than 1,300 birds.
Brooks Mountain Rd, Brooks, WV (304) 466-4683
out west The West - See other animals out West
Lower Klamath NWR (CA-OR) Eagles
‎The Lower Kalmath Basin National Wildlife Refuge gets up to 500 bald eagles each winter.
According to the refuge, the birds arrive in November but the best viewing is in January and February along the Tule Lake and Lower Klamath auto tours.

Lower Klamath is the country's first waterfowl refuge. Over a million birds visit for the winter, including white pelicans, Pintail, gadwall, and canvasback ducks. You may also see Sandhill Cranes and antelope.
You can make a reservation to use one of their photography blinds.
Here's a great calendar of species to watch.
The national Midwinter Bald Eagle Count puts Lower Klamath as the biggest nesting spot in California.
Skagit Bald Eagle Festival, Rockport, WA
The Skagit River Interpretive Center is a great place to see bald eagles who spend November to January in the area feeding on dead salmon. The eagles are especially active in morning and their numbers peak around Christmas. In January the center holds eagle talks. They also provide a great map of other places to see eagles in the area.

Howard Miller Steelhead Park

52809 Rockport Park Rd., Rockport, WA (360) 853-7626

Beavers Bend (OK) State Park Eagles
Oklahoma, with nearly 1,000 wintering eagles, has eagle events at many locations in January. But Beaver Ben State Park on Broken Bow Lake holds the walks and talks from November to March.
Hwy 259A, Broken Bow, OK (580) 494-6538
Boise Bald Eagle Day
Every January the Idaho Bird Observatory and Audubon volunteers help run Eagle Days at Barber Park, with live bird demonstrations and walks to see eagles in the wild.
4049 S Eckert Rd., Boise, ID (208) 577-4575
Canyon Ferry Dam (Montana) Eagles
Up to 500 bald eagles visit the Canyon Ferry dam 20 minutes from Helena to fish on their southern migration in the late fall. The dam and visitor's center recommend coming early morning and late afternoon from late October to mid-December.
7700 Canyon Ferry Rd., Helena, MT (406) 475-3310
Coeur d’Alene Eagle Week
Wolf Lodge Bay in Coeur d’Alene Lake attracts bald eagles fishing for Kokanee salmon in the winter. The local paper reports that eagles are also spotted in many nearby lakes, too. Idaho offers this helpful map of where to look. Or you can get a tour on a boat.



World Center For Birds of Prey, Boise
The World Center for Birds of Prey is the public education center for the Peregrine Fund, which works to save many species of birds of prey (not just peregrines). They have programs around the world. They have raised California Condors and Aplomado Falcons in the U.S.
The center has daily visiting hours with hands-on exhibits and a daily falconry history tour.
5668 W Flying Hawk Ln
Boise, ID (208) 362-3716



Cascades Raptor Center, Eugene, OR
The Cascades Raptor Center just outside Eugene, OR, is open for visitors six days a week throughout the year (plus Monday holidays), with demonstrations on weekends. Volunteers here rehabilitate 150-200 birds a year. Some that can't make it in the wild become permanent residents and total over 60 birds of 33 species of native birds, from pygmy owls to bald and golden eagles..
32275 Fox Hollow Rd., Eugene, OR (541) 485-1320
Denver's Barr Lake Eagle Watch
Bald Eagles first built at nest at Barr Lake in 1986 and then had chicks in 1989. The Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory has a chart to explain the 8-month eagle breeding and chick-raising season. They recommend viewing from the gazebo, a 1.3 mile walk south of the center into the refuge.
Colorado now has more than 30 breeding pairs.
The bird observatory has volunteers watch and monitor the nest from January to July.
Eagle Watch (303) 659-4348,
Utah Bald Eagle Day--Salt Creek Waterfowl Management Area
Every February since 1990 Utah has held a Bald Eagle Day. Experts with scopes set up at sites around the state to show visitors the wintering bald eagles.
Fountain Green State Fish Hatchery, located east of Nephi.
Split Mountain/Green River, located north of Jensen and below the Dinosaur Quarry in Dinosaur National Monument (DNM).
Salt Creek Waterfowl Management Area10 miles NW of Corinne. Take Exit 368 off of I-15. Go west on SR-83 through Corinne. North on 6800 W. (Iowa String). West on 6800 N. until you reach the Salt Creek WMA/C 1325 W Glover Lane
Farmington Bay Waterfowl Management Area, west  of Farmington. 1325 W Glover Lane. (801) 538-4771
Midwinter Eagle Watch near Albuquerque
The Army Corps of Engineers leads a Midwinter Eagle Watch in early February at the Abiquiu Lake and Dam. In 2008 they spotted nine eagles here. Other counting spots in the area include Elephant Butte and Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge.
4731 State Highway 96, Abiquiu, NM (505) 685-4371
Prescott National Forest (AZ) Eagles
Prescott National Forest in Arizona has many eagles living around Lynx Lake. In fact they close some trails part of the year to give the eagles some privacy.
(928) 443-8000
Verde River Eagles (AZ)
Arizona has about 50 pairs of breeding bald eagles, mostly on the lower Verde River. Eight pairs live on the Verde River between the Bartlett Dam and Salt River.

Arizona wildlife officials say that in winter they can be found on Mormon lake, Upper and Lower Lake Mary, and on San Carlos Reservoir.
Here's a great map of nesting locations.
Arizona has a program to watch eagle nests so that no one disturbs them.
The state frequently closes areas near the nests to protect the birds, too.
Alaska Alaska - See other animals in Alaska
Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve
The Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve near Haines, Alaska, has the biggest concentration of bald eagles in the world--about 4,000 over four miles of river. Every year thousands of eagles catch salmon from fall to February on the Chilkat River "flats" about 20 miles north of Haines on Route 7. The American Bald Eagle Foundation holds the Alaska Bald Eagle Festival in early November with lots of photography seminars, wildlife demonstrations and tours and art events.
The foundation suggests that while you give the eagles and fish plenty of space. Local etiquette: Stay off the flats and watch the eagles from the area between the highway and river. Use public or group transportation. Only use turn-outs to stop.
Haines Visitors Bureau (907) 766-2234
Alaska Bald Eagle Festival  (907) 766-3094



Bird Treatment & Learning Center / Alaksa Public Lands Info Center

The Bird Treatment and Learning Center takes in 800 birds a year, including 50 eagles. Director of Avian Care Cindy Palmatier says the eagles fall into three categories: those hurt by toxins, especially when they hang out at the garbage dump; trauma, mainly car collisions and fighting with each other; and starvation. Ironically, the birds can starve after a mild winter because there will be fewer carcasses around.
On summer Saturdays at 2, the birds do an educational program at the Alaska Public Lands Information Center, which is at 605 West 4th Avenue (in the old federal building), Anchorage. (907) 644-3661
The rehab center is at  6132 Nielson Way, Anchorage


Stikine Mud Flats

The Stikine mudflats near Wrangell, AK, (north of Ketchikan) attract eagles when eulachon (a small fish known locally as a hooligan) migrates by in spring. The area is also a stopover for Sandhill Cranes and ducks. No road access.

CA California -- See other animsla in California
Lower Klamath NWR (CA-OR) Eagles
‎The Lower Kalmath Basin National Wildlife Refuge gets up to 500 bald eagles each winter.
According to the refuge, the birds arrive in November but the best viewing is in January and February along the Tule Lake and Lower Klamath auto tours.

Lower Klamath is the country's first waterfowl refuge. Over a million birds visit for the winter, including white pelicans, Pintail, gadwall, and canvasback ducks. You may also see Sandhill Cranes and antelope.
You can make a reservation to use one of their photography blinds.
Here's a great calendar of species to watch.
The national Midwinter Bald Eagle Count puts Lower Klamath as the biggest nesting spot in California.
Florida - See other animals in Florida


Lake Kissimmee State Park
Lake Kissimmee State Park has a famous population of bald eagles. It's one of a dozen or so nesting sites around the state. The state had 1,100 active nests in a 2005 survey.
About 70% of the bald eagles nests in the southeast are in Florida. Here's the state nest locator.
The park also has Sandhill Cranes and if you're lucky, you may see a bobcat here.
14248 Camp Mack Rd., Lake Wales, FL (863) 696-1112 Map »
Charlotte Harbor Environmental Center Inc
The Charlotte Harbor Environmental Center has bald eagles in the winter from December through April in the Alligator Creek Preserve.
10941 Burnt Store Rd., Punta Gorda, FL (941) 575-5435
Texas - See other animals in Texas
Emory, Texas, Eagle Fest
Each February Emory, Texas, east of Dallas, holds Eagle Fest. Barges and boats count bald eagles in Lake Fork, which has been hit by drought in recent years. They count around 50 birds each year. The Blackland Prairie Raptor Center holds demonstrations. Rains has been declared “The Eagle Capital of Texas.” Tours leave by bus from Rains High School, 1651 W US Highway 69
Emory, TX (903) 473-2222 Map »
Canada Canada -- See other animals in Canada

Campobello Island

Just over the border from Maine, Campobello Island is a great place to look for whales, eagles and porpoises. And lighthouses. Not only does Capt. Mac Greene of Island Cruises take people out to see whales, he also rescues them as part of the Campobello Whale Rescue Team. That means when you go out on this dog-friendly, family-run boat, you get to hear stories of saving whales and bald eagles, which hang around the harbor near the East Quoddy Lighthouse. You may see minke, humpback, finback or northern right whales.





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