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FARM ANIMALS TODAY: current situation and conflicts

In terms of pure numbers, we kill more farm animals than any other troubled species. But we seldom think about all chickens, pigs, cows, turkeys, sheep, goats, ducks and geese that are raised and killed for food annually. It's 9 billion in the United States and 61 billion worldwide.


More disturbing to some is the way they live out their lives on industrial farms, isolated, confined in filthy small spaces, pumped out with anti-biotics, shipped in fearand often slaughtered in pain. On top of that many are abused and neglected along the way.


Some try to cut back on meat or only eat animals that were treated fairly. Others become vegetarians or vegans. Peta says vegans save 100 animal lives a year.


A typical petting zoo is better than a factory farm, many animal activists are still skeptical about the treatment of these animals and their fate after they are grown and less cute. But there are plenty of family-owned small farms that allow visitors. Check your state's agriculture department. Many have ways you can stay over and pitch in with the chores (if you want to).


The farm sanctuaries listed below have taken a few token animals out of the system and saved them. They get to live out their lives in peace--and show people that farm animals can each have their own personalities and lives worthy of respect.


Most of these places don't let you bring meat. Some may let you bring healthy snacks for the animals, but ask first.


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Lambs Farm -- Libertyville, IL
Lambs Farm lets adults with developmental disabilities work at a 72-acre farm campus. Taking care of the animals in the petting zoo is just one of the jobs they learn to do.
14245 W Rockland Rd, Libertyville, IL, (847) 362-4636
Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary -- Ravenna, OH
Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary takes in horses, ponies, goats, sheep and other farm animals seized by humane officers. They also take horses from the Amish. They have regular events, but not visiting hours. 5623 New Milford Rd, Ravenna, OH

Grateful Acres Animal Sanctuary -- Otsego, MI

Grateful Acres Animal Sanctuary is a permanent home for what they call misfit large farm animals, small exotics, parrots, rabbits, chickens, and a tortoise called "Gwennie." On summer weekends the animals get together for a petting zoo.
2108 102nd Ave, Otsego, MI


Aullwood, Dayton, OH

The first Audubon center in the midwest,Aullwood has rabbits, cows, sheep, chicken and heritage turkeys and non-releasable hawks. If you don't see wild animals in the woods, the consolation prize is staffers dressed as woodpeckers and other native creatures. They also track the butterflies and dragonflies that visit. 
Every spring they have a farm baby fest. This isn't a farm sanctuary--they sell their organic meat to support the place. 
1000 Aullwood Road, Dayton, OH  (937) 890-7360

ducks and chickens
SASHA Farm -- Manchester, MI
SASHA Farm is the biggest farm sanctuary in the midwest. They have sheep, a pygmy goat named Stephen Colbert, geese, cows, chicken, a thoroughbred horse that earned $365,000 but was about to be slaughtered, pigs and dogs. In fact they're named after a rescued dog, Sasha. They have monthly events and open houses.
17901 Mahrle Rd, Manchester, MI
Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary -- Poolesville, MD
Cows. pigs, sheep, horses, mules and wildlife live at Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary. They have regular events and tours if you call ahead. 15200 Mt Nebo Rd, Poolesville, MD
Farm Sanctuary -- Watkins Glen, Ny
Since 1986 Farm Sanctuary has been rescuing cows, pigs, goats and birds that would end up as poultry from factory farms. They can't save them all, but the ones they do save end up as ambassadors that teach the public about how each of these animals have their own emotional and social lives.
You can tour the farms or stay cabin at the Farm Sanctuaries in New York and California.
3150 Aikens Rd
., Watkins Glen, NY map »


Mountain View Farm Animal Sanctuary -- Lyndonville, NY
Mountain View Farm Animal Sanctuary gives a permanent home to cows, sheep, goats, horses and donkeys who survived neglect or misfortune. The 440-acre historic farm estate has the Inn at Mountain View Farm, which also has a restaurant. Visit, but call first (802)626-9924, 3383 Darling Hill Rd, Lyndonville, VT
Catskills Animal Sanctuary -- Saugerties, NY 
The Catskills Animal Sanctuary is safe haven for abused and abandoned horses and farm animals. Meet the Animals tours every Sat. and Sun. 11-4, Aprl-Oct.


Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary -- Willow, Ny

The Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary has lots of refugees from New York City--both in the animals they've rescued and the people who volunteer for them. White ducks Mickey and Jo escaped factory farming and were found in upper Manhattan. Others have more conventional backgrounds. Leany, cuddly Madison is billed as the world's friendliest goat.
You can visit weekends April-Oct, 11-4.
No dogs.
The shelter is 2 hours north of Manhattan and even accessible by bus from the city.
35 Van Wagner Rd., Willow, NY

Safe Haven Farm Sanctuary -- Poughquag, NY
Safe Haven Farm Sanctuary takes in goats, chicken, sheep, turkey and other farm animals. They have visitors, educational programs and internships.
542 Gardner Hollow Rd, Poughquag, NY  
Poplar Springs Animal Sanctuary -- Poolesville, MD
The Poplar Springs Animal Sanctuary lets you visit rescued farm animals at special events.
15200 Mt Nebo Rd Poolesville, MD 301-428-8128

Majestic Waterfowl Sanctuary -- Lebanon, CT
Majestic Waterfowl Sanctuary takes in abandoned domestic ducks and geese, often those who grew too big after Easter. The 8-acre facility also adopts out ducks and has volunteer opportunities and events on weekends. 17 Barker Rd, Lebanon, CT (352) 629-0009
Down South
Begin Again Farms -- Ellerslie, GA
Begin Again Farms rescues horses.They need volunteers and have regular fund-raising events. 2035 Harris Road, Ellerslie, GA  
Best Dog in the World
Home At Last -- Suburban Lexington, KY
Home At Last is a no-kill shelter that houses dogs, and cats awaiting adoption and also has some permanent farm animal residents, including cows, pigs, rabbits and goats. They have a feral cat program and let wildlife rehabbers release patients on their 200 protected acres.
Sarah Dorroh at Cats@homeatlastanimals.org Map location not precise.
ducks and chickens
Chocowinity Chicken Sanctuary -- Chocowinity, NC
Chocowinity Chicken Sanctuary takes in chickens, roosters and turkeys that have somehow survived factory farming, petting zoos or other desperate circumstances. They offer them fun treats--like watermelon--and the chance to live outside. You can volunteer or visit if you call ahead. 408 Hillcrest Drive, Chocowinity, NC 27817 (252) 946-9663
Pigs, a Sanctuary -- Shepherdstown, WV
Pigs, a sanctuary, is home to 400 neglected or abused potbellied pigs, farm pigs, horses, cats, dogs, goats and many others. You can visit April-mid-November. Don't bring meat to eat.
1112 Persimmon Ln, Shepherdstown, WV  (304) 262-0080 or FarmManager@pigs.org.
out west
out West
Ironwood Pig Sanctuary -- Marana, AZ
A retired couple got carried away with their love of pot-bellied pigs. Now they run a shelter, which you can visit, adopt a pig from or board your pig. Ironwood Pig Sanctuary, 34656 E Crystal Visions Rd, Marana, AZ (520) 579-8847
Dreamcatcher PMU Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation, New River, AZ
Dreamcatcher PMU Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation takes in mares who have spent half their lives in stalls supplying pregnant mare urine to make the drug Premarin. Most have never been handled and would end up slaughtered. They also save feedlot horses, goats, pigs and other farm animals, which are part of an educational petting zoo.
48019 N 7th Ave., New River, AZ 623-910-6530  
Longhopes Donkey Shelter -- Bennett, CO
Longhopes Donkey Shelter  started with one 42-year-old donkey in 1999 and has since rescued more than 300 that would have otherwise been slaughtered. open by appointment only. 50 S Dutch Valley Rd, Bennett, CO (303)  644-5930  
Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary -- Deer Trail, CO
Since 1997, Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary has been taking in farm animals that survived industrial farming. You can volunteer or visit on weekends if you call ahead. 81503 E County Road 22, Deer Trail, CO 80105 (303) 769-4997
Montana Large Animal Sanctuary & Rescue -- Hot Springs, MT
Montana Large Animal Sanctuary & Rescue takes in llamas, goats, emus, pot-bellied pigs and donkeys and lets them roam the range. Call for a tour or to volunteer. 649 Far West Rd., Hot Springs, MT (406) 741-3823
Best Dog in the World
Heart and Soul Animal Sanctuary -- Glorieta, NM
Heart and Soul Animal Sanctuary has a giant dog house with 30-some dogs that have been cast out. Cats, chickens, geese, turkeys, goats and donkeys also live on the 130-acre ranch in
Glorieta, NM. Placemarker not precise.
Call Natalie Owings at (505) 757-6817 for directions.
Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary -- Scio, OR
Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary offers tours if you call ahead. Brahman steer, goats, chickens, rabbits and more live here--or do until they're adopted.. 36831 Richardson Gap Rd, Scio, OR
New Moon Farm Goat Rescue & Sanctuary -- Arlington, WA
The New Moon Farm Goat and Rescue Sanctuary offers goat classes for new goat owners. 19111 Burn Rd, Arlington, WA (425) 791-4513
Pigs Peace Sanctuary -- Stanwood, WA
The Pigs Peace Sanctuary takes visitors by appointment. They specialize in pigs but also take in neglected ponies, abused horses, turkeys and other farm animals. Stanwood, WA
Best Little Rabbit Rodent -- NE Seattle, WA
Best Little Rabbit Rodent  has large yards where rescued feral rabbits roam free in family groups. They also take in ferrets and rodents. 14317 Lake City Way NE, Seattle, WA (206) 365-9105
Meadow Gates Farm Sanctuary -- Wasilla, AK
Someone in Sarah Palin's hometown likes animals as more than just targets. Meadow Gates Farm Sanctuary has 150 rabbits needing homes.They also take in goats and pigs. (907) 357-6437

Animal Acres -- Acton

Animal Acres, a 26-acre farm sanctuary an hour from LA, is open on Sundays for visitors. (You can just show up other days between 10 and 11 to volunteer.) The cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys, sheep and goats somehow escaped factory farming.
5200 Escondido Canyon Rd, Acton, CA 661-269-5404

Heaven Can Wait Horse and Donkey -- San Miguel
Heaven Can Wait rescues abused or neglected horses and donkeys.
6275 Cerros Pioneros Way, San Miguel, CA
Animal Place (Farm Sanctuary) -- Vacaville
Animal Place, an accredited animal sanctuary and education center, offers farm tours at various times throughout the year. Check their schedule here.The tours are generally $10, $5 for kids. Around the holidays there's a tour for carnivores to meet their meet for $10; vegetarians go free. 3448 Laguna Creek Trail, Vacaville, CA 95688, (707) 449-4814
Wild Horse Sanctuary -- Shingletown
Wild Horse Sanctuary protects 80 wild horses on 5,000 acres. They offer mult-day range rides to see the horses and have other events.
5796 Wilson Hill Rd., Shingletown, CA  (530) 335-2241

Gentle Barn -- Santa Clarita

The Gentle Barn is a farm sanctuary you (or your class or birthday party) can visit Sunday 10-2. The farm has rescued 120 horses, donkeys, cows, pigs, sheep, goats, turkeys, chickens, llamas, dogs, and cats, mostly from factory farming.

15825 Sierra Hwy. Santa Clarita, CA (661) 252-2440

Golden Hearts -- Valley Center

Golden Hearts Animal Sanctuary is a small non-profit sanctuary for senior or disabled dogs, cats and goats. You can visit or volunteer, just call ahead.
12761 Hideaway Lake Rd., Valley Center, CA (760) 749-6122


Bunny Bunch -- Montclair

Bunny Bunch is an adorable sanctuary and adoption center for rabbits, chinchillas, guinea pigs and other small furry pets. They also have a store for those who have their own bunnies or bunny-like creatures. Open Wed-Sun. Check the website for details.
4601 Brooks St., Montclair, CA (909) 631-9552


California Equine Retirement Foundation -- Winchester

California Equine Retirement Foundation (CERF) is the mythical happy farm where racehorses get to retire. Started in 1986 by Grace Belcuore, a racing fan, the center has about 75 residents. You can visit, just set up an appointment first. The center also has plenty of events where you can see the horses in action. 34033 Kooden Rd., Winchester, CA (951) 926-4190 M-Sat. 7-4

Redwings Horse Sanctuary -- Lockwood
The Redwings Horse Sanctuary, which started in 1991, is a permanent home for 90-some horses and burros that can't be adopted out after being abused or neglected. You can visit 10-3 and even bring your dog (on a leash). 47240 Lockwood-Jolon Road, Lockwood, CA 831-386-0135  
ducks and chickens
Duck Haven -- Pompano Beach
Duck Haven cares for Muscovy Ducks. They are in dire financial straights since their founder died. DrQuack615@aol.com 2627 NW 61st Ave, Pompano Beach, FL
Peace River Refuge & Ranch
The Peace River Refuge & Ranch takes in all kinds of animals that people got as pets, zoo attractions or livestock and then discovered they couldn't take care of. They have big cats, bears, fruit bats, bison, emu (cast-offs from the emu ranching craze.) They offer 2 tours a month.
2470 Steve Roberts Special, Zolfo Springs, FL
Kindred Spirits Sanctuary
Kindred Spirits Sanctuary is home to 150-some farm animals and they all want your attention. You're even allowed to bring healthy treats (no meat, please). No tours in the summer.
12600 N US Highway 27, Ocala, FL (352) 629-0009
Hawaii Hawaii
Three Ring Ranch Exotic Animal Sanctuary
The Three Ring Ranch Exotic Animal Sanctuary takes in the wide swath of animals people mistakenly think would make good pets. Farm animals from chickens to llama and sheep and feral goats live here along with non-releasable wildlife like the Hawaiian goose (nene) and barn owls. Turtles, tortoises, flamingos, cranes and lots of exotic birds call 3 rings home.
placemark not precise. you need to call to arrange an educational tour to get the location.
Dreamtime Sanctuary
Dreamtime Sanctuary is headed by a chaplain and home to 13 horses, 3 burros, 27 sheep, 12 goats and 15 pigs. Just call ahead before you visit.
nancy@dreamtimesanctuary.org 556 Roemer Rd,Elgin, TX
Europe Europe
Mare and Foal SanctuaryUK
The Mare and Foal Sanctuary gives a home to horses and ponies and tries to adopt them out. It's open 10-4, April-oct to tours in the summer.
Coombe Park Equestrian Centre, Littlehempston, Totnes, TQ9 6LW, UK 01803 866615
The Goat Sanctuary UK
160-some goats live at the Goat Sanctuary. They arrived neglected, infested, abused, but now live in three happy herds. They each sleep in little rooms with a couple friends.
Visit 11-3 M-Sat. by appointment Edge View Ln, Great Warford, Alderley Edge, Cheshire SK9, UK  

Mare and Foal Sanctuary UK

The Mare and Foal Sanctuary gives a home to horses and ponies and tries to adopt them out. It's open 10-4, April-oct to tours in the summer.

Coombe Park Equestrian Centre, Littlehempston, Totnes, TQ9 6LW, UK

Bucklebury Farm ParkUK

Bucklebury Farm Park has a "deer safari" program that lets you have a civilized meal along with your early morning or dusk trek to see their Red Deer (Cervus elaphus), Sika Deer (Cervus nippon), Chital or Axis deer (Axis axis) and Fallow Deer (Dama dama). 
Bonus animals: wild boar, farm animals
Bucklebury, Reading, Berkshire, RG7 6RR, UK

Neanderthal Wildpark Germany

The Neanderthal Wildpark (Wildhedge Neandertal) recreates the landscape that neanderthal humans would have experienced in Europe 30.000 years ago.

Wisent (bison), tarpan (wild horse) and auroch (primitive cattle) roam.
The tarpan is the original wild horse that they've tried to breed backwards using Przwalski horses with Icelandic ponies and Swedish Gotlands.
About 20 of the 200 existing auroch or Heck cattle live here.
0049 - 2104 - 139 155
Thekhauser Quall, 40699 Erkrath, Germany

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