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Hawks Hang on NYC Fire Escapes

Red-Tailed Hawks, Manhattan
Pale Male gets all the press, but there are now red-tailed hawks all over New York (and other cities) eating rats, pigeons and assorted small birds. According to the Parks Deptartment falconer, Pale Male, like all residents of Central Park West, is high achieving. It’s a prime spot over a big park. Other hawks around the city, he says, are not as competent. They have lousy territories and a tough time building a nest.
There have been two hawks who show up every winter Tompkins Square Park. This year I haven’t seen them in the park, but I have seen one on the top fire escape of a building on the NE corner of 6th Street and 2nd Avenue. I’ve seen him at sunset and in the morning, but not everyday, so it’s probably a semi-regular roost.

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