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Dumpster Owl Serves as Greeter at Carolina Raptor Center

Carolina Raptor Center, Just N. of Charlotte, NC

Shelby greets you as you enter the Raptor Center and she’s annoyed with you (if you’re a dog, for example) she is likely to puff up like she here. Shelby is a great ambassador to the world of injured big birds of prey. Her story is sad, but not that uncommon. She was caught in a leg trap, beaten, then discarded in a dumpster. Someone found her and brought her to the Carolina Raptor Center, which rehabilitates sick and injured birds. Shelby’s eyes were too damaged for her to hunt in the wild, so she has a permanent home here.
The center attracts a wide range of visiors–families, scouts, bikers–and most read Shelby’s story then ask “Why would anyone throw an owl in a dumpster?”
Some birds are nursed to health behind the scenes. About 27% of birds who survive won’t be able to make it in the wild. So, 100 live here, including great horned owls, bald eagles, barred owls, screech owls and a part-albino red-tailed hawk.
It takes about 2 hours to see everyone. On weekends there are special shows.

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