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Kangaroo Ranches in Both Georga and South Dakota

For years I’ve wondered why entrepreneurs don’t set up kangaroo ranges around the country. Now they are starting to. I visited the Kangaroo Conservation Center outside Atlanta last year. It’s a bit of a stretch to call hauling kangaroos thousands of miles from their natural habitat to live in a fence visited by tourists “conservation.” But it’s a fun visit just the same.
Now there’s a another kangaroo hot spot: the Roo Ranch in South Dakota.
The ranch made it into the news when one of their wallabies briefly escaped at the airport.
I haven’t visited–yet–but they seem to be a little bit smaller and less programmed than Atlanta’s Kangaroo center. Admission is only $15, but they do seem to count on making a lot of money off getting your picture taken with a kangaroo–kind of low rent like an amusement park.

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