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New Photos of Montauk Monster Make it Look a Lot Less Monstrous, more like a feral pig

Newsday’s Joyce Brown obtained new photos of the Montauk Monster from beach goer Christina Pampalone, who was on the fateful Montauk beach where the Monster washed up a couple weeks ago. Brown explains that the corpse was washing back and forth in the waves, so Pampalone got a shot from a different angle.

Pampalone must have gone through exquisite torture the last few days knowing she had much more revealing photos. Then again, if her photo came out first we all wouldn’t have been so enthralled and would’ve had to get some work done this week.
Also, I have to wonder if the original shot was provocatively chosen to make it look like a beak. (And if so, say thanks for the mindless summer diversion.)

Yesterday we discussed how the first shot showed a beak, but with teeth, ruling out the theory that it was a turtle without a shell. Pampalone’s photo shows that it’s not really a beak at all, but the exposed nasal cavity. Also, it shows HUGE lower canine teeth. And fur. And ears.

With the new photo, I’m changing my guess to pig, maybe feral pig. The big theory now is dog. Since the front of the face shows so much decay and since the water can do such crazy things to a body, it’s hard to say what was going on in the top of the mouth. But man, those bottom canines look awfully big for a dog. A pig, however, has really big lower teeth. I’m going to throw in that it was a feral pig, just because 1) it makes more sense a wild pig would find its way to the ocean 2) feral pigs are trendy and there are way more of them than you think.

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Here’s a handy photo of a feral pig skull from Ft. Leonard Wood. Pig’s big teeth are on bottom.

Here’s a dog skull from the Royal Veterinary College. Dog’s big teeth on top.

And here’s a close-up of the monster’s teeth–or what’s left of them. Monster’s big teeth on bottom.

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