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Baby Beluga Shows Up in Bay of Fundy

Baby Beluga Shows Up in Bay of Fundy

Teri at Bay of Fundy Blog reports that a young Beluga Whale has shown up in the bay between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick known for its record tides. What’s unusual is a) a Beluga showing in the bay at all and b) any whale showing up this deep in the bay.

CTV has a great story on the whale, known as Q, and describe the two-year-old as friendly and curious. This isn’t a story about an endangered animal increasing its range–which would be terrific. It’s more the story of an individual somehow getting separated from its family–which is sad and scary. Some belugas live up in the St. Lawrence, so maybe that’s where Q’s pod is.

Scientists are also worried about people hanging around Q too much. Local fishermen are taking understandably excited locals out to see Q. The Whale Stewardship Project on Nova Scotia says that “orphaned, lost or somehow separated from their family pods, juvenile whales often begin to seek out human companionship and interact with boats and other objects.” The project is worried that whales will get used to friendly boats then get hurt by not so friendly people or propellers.

Let’s hope this doesn’t turn into yet another story where the people who love an animal end up causing it harm.

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  • Terri

    Hi Carol, good news today about “Q”, Fundy’s visiting Beluga. The folks from the whale research centre reported (in the provincial news_ that they are very pleased by the local people in the nearby community of Advocate Harbour, where Q is living off shore. They said that everyone has been very concerned about Q and very conscientious about not wanting to do anything to hurt him or poorly habituate him in any way. It’s nice to see folks treat these animals properly and not try to make a “seaworld” style ordeal out of the visit. I thought you’d be relieved to know this! Thanks for your interest. Terri (the Bay of Fundy blogger!)