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Good-bye, Osama Bin Squirrel

I just released Osama Bin Squirrel, the angry little squirrel boy I had been rehabilitating for a couple weeks. My super found Osama in the courtyard of our building. He had a bloody nose and trouble breathing and a bad attitude. The nose and breathing cleared up, but his attitude barely mellowed.

He was the most hostile squirrel I’ve ever met.

Osama would go into spastic fits, screaming, growling, kicking, throwing himself around, lurching and, yes, biting. Sometimes he would paused to take his milk. Sometimes he wouldn’t.
I had six squirrels. He would bluff charge and growl at them, but I didn’t see him bite them. They would huddle together when he had a fit. Funny thing, since he’s gone, they are twice as active. I think they didn’t much like him either. Though, the sweet, gentle Martha would sometimes sit with him in his angry corner. I think she comforted him.
Now I have five squirrels left:

Mary Todd, found on Staten Island, and to be released there soon, back to the family that found her. Mary Tood is friendly and kind of pig. She wants to be first to be fed. And then she wants seconds.

Pointy/Martha is from Washington Square. She has light, pointy muzzle and is gentle.

Peter is a little black boy with an injured left front paw. He’s from Stuyvesant town. He’s mellow enough to just sit on my lap while I feed the others. But he’s not above biting my fingers if I annoy him.

Ulysses is a shaggy boy about Peter’s size, which is maybe seven weeks. He’s gentle and likes to sit in the bowl of feed and eat.

Billie is friendly and has a shaggy coat. She licks her paws after she drinks her milk. She’s yet another squirrel with a feminized boy’s name. Girl squirrels are often mistaken for boys by their finders unless there’s a boy there for comparison.

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