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Osama Bin Squirrel Returns

A day after his release, Osama Bin Squirrel came back to my window sill.
He poked around the nuts, then left when I opened the window. I figured that meant he was full and doing fine.
I left the room to make a call and when I came back he was not only inside, but sitting on the cage, looking down at the other squirrels.
I got squirrel dinner ready and offered him a syringe full of formula. He frantically drank it, so he was really hungry.
Figuring he would be terrified to be caught, I propped open the top cage door and left the room
You guessed it, the other three squirrels came out.
I rounded them up pretty quickly.
Osama hid in and behind the bookcase. I left the room, turned off the light. He came back on the cage and I caught him and put him in the cage.
All slept cuddled together. I guess he needs another week or two.
Of all the squirrels I’ve released, he is the one I would have figured least likely to return.

How does that expression go?
If you are kind of tired of being growled at and bitten by someone, set them free
If they don’t come back, they were never really yours
If they do, it means they were really hungry

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