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Ask BBC to Run Its Expose on the Health Problems of Purebred Dogs Here

Here’s a picture from the BBC Documentary Pedigree Dogs Exposed showing the difference between a dachshund 100 years ago and today.

An intensely researched BBC documentary on the the health problems of purebred dogs aired in England in August and is causing a fury in dog circles here. The BBC spent two years researching Pedigree Dogs Exposed. The BBC interviewed geneticists and documented what many dog people long suspected: that breeders are mating dogs for cuteness and ignoring health, producing puppies that have health problems that show up only later.
One-third of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels may have a neurological disorder, they found. As a result of the program, the British Kennel club is reviewing all their breed standards and already revised standards for the Pekingese, the Daily Telegraph reports. They used to be bred for a flat face, but that caused breathing problems. Australia is looking at their standards, too. The RSPCA and other sponsors withdrew from Crufts.
The Blog Terrierman has had some great coverage, but most Americans haven’t been able to see much–especially since YouTube took down clips.
I wonder how long American dogs and dog people will have to wait to see the documentary and benefit from the impact of the investigation.

I wrote to BBC America asking them to show us Pedigree Dogs Exposed.

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2 comments to Ask BBC to Run Its Expose on the Health Problems of Purebred Dogs Here

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  • PBurns

    Good news! Another video service has clips which can be seen here >> (terrierman)