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Deer still exciting to some

When I was a kid, seeing deer was considered rare and lucky. Driving in the carpool to school in the morning, we’d look out over a field automatically, hoping for a glimpse. But the deer population has grown so much many people consider them a nuisance. They eat garden plants and get hit by cars, causing $1 billion in damages, according to the Institute for Highway Safety.

I’ve come close to hitting a couple myself driving on the Blue Ridge Parkway. But I am still excited to see them around.

This year for the first time ever my mom, who has been living in her house in Des Plaines, Illinois since the 1960s, had deer in her yard. It was a family, we think: a buck, a doe and two fawns. We figured we would never get deer because there’s a big fence. They just jumped right over. They ate Rose of Sharon blossoms and corn and apples that are normally out for squirrels.

No matter how far you travel to see an unusual animal, there’s always a unique pleasure of seeing a animal up close in a familiar setting.

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