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Animal lovers worldwide try to help bush fire animals

Animals burned in the Australian fires continue to be brought to IFAW‘s volunteers, sometimes by people who have lost their own animals and homes, the group reports. Millions of animals have died with “scores of kangaroos” turning up dead on the road and thousands of wild and farm animals have died.

The bright spot in all this is Sam the Koala, who gain international fame from this YouTube video when she held the hand of a firefighter and drank some water from his bottle. The New Zealand Herald reports that the incident was earlier than we thought and was “filmed prior to the deadly bush fires, during a routine preventative backburning operation.” He emailed the footage to friends. But it’s not really a scandal. The video was only a week and half ago; the koala is still recovering at the Mountain Ash Wildlife Shelter, where she has picked up a boyfriend.

Animal lovers around the world are helping through:
–Wildlife Victoria has a spectial Bush Fire Appeal
Dogs Victoria has an International Virtual Dog Show
–The Wildlife Protection Society of Australia has apparently been so inundated its website crashed.
–The main YouTube clip of Sam the Koala links to the RSPCA of Victoria, which also says their site is inundated.

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