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Killer Whale Free To Good Home

This poor killer whale (replica). First he was damaged during a redecorating at the New York Aquarium. They didn’t want him because his tail was slightly broken. A worker there rescued him. But after two months living in a garage delighting children, he’s being thrown out again, this time by the worker’s mother who thought better of the whole arrangement. And needs the room in her garage.
“Why she would rather have a mini-van than a whale i don’t know, but she’s put her foot down. I need to get rid of the whale ASAP and will part with it for free as long as it goes to a good home,” Caroline Hertz posts on Craigslist. Surely in this recession this would be a good catch for someone.

UPDATE: Looking around I found a similar ad on Craigslist in many cites. The only variation was the story of how the seller strangely acquired the whale. So, sorry, no whale for sale. 

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