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$600 Playdate with a Bear Leads to Big Hollywood Role

Here’s a goofy video of comedian T.J. Miller acting and interacting with a bear in hopes of getting a part in Yogi Bear, a combo live-action/animated movie by Warner Brothers. It worked. He got the part of Ranger Jones, thanks to his enterprising tape.

He thanks Hollywood Animal Ranch at the end of the video. By that I think he means Hollywood Animals, which says it trains bears from cubs and treats them well. (Where and how the bear cubs, elephants and big cats are acquired, I don’t know.)

No word on whether the bear Bam Bam worked for free for this occassion, or if TJ Miller paid the customary ¬†fee of $595 for two hours. Just you and the animals of your choice like a tiger, white lion, leopard, bear, panther or cub for an unique animal experience,” they pitch. That means for $600, you can get a date with a bear and play Ranger Jones, too.

Here’s where you can see bears in the wild (or at rehabilitation facilities).


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