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Happy Squirrel Awareness Day: Where You Can Find Unusual Squirrels

Today is officially Squirrel Appreciation Day. I don’t know what else I can do for the family of squirrels that frequents my window sill and fire escape. “Mommy Squirrel”–named because she was lactating last summer–will put her paws on the window to demand chestnuts if I only have out peanuts and sunflowers. These New Yorkers also have South Carolina acorns (bought in bulk on eBay) and apple cores on the menu.

HuffPo has a list of suggested activities, including looking for TV shows. Thanks to my lousy Time-Warner DVR, I can’t even do that. There are plenty of places that have specialty squirrels around the country that you can visit: the Grand Canyon has black and white Kaibab squirrels, Maine has chatty red squirrels and plenty of towns boast the title of White Squirrel Capital.

As a made up animal holidays go, it sure beats yesterday’s far more theoretical Penguin Awareness Day.
Please, sir, may I have some more?

Mommy squirrel

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