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Score One for Team Squirrel

The Tompkins Square Park squirrels bravely stand up to the new, popular red-tailed hawk pair on the Lower East Side. The hawks appearance on Saturday Night Live doesn’t intimidate them, either. The squirrels know that if they are in a tree, the hawks can’t swoop down and catch them.

So if the hawk lands in a tree the squirrels eagerly do their part to chase him off. They’re in the anti-hawk union with crows and jays, who mob the raptors. Because they all know if they don’t, the hawk will eventually catch one of them.

The squirrel can do considerable damage to a hawk by biting its feet, which may then become infected. The squirrel made the hawk uncomfortable enough to go back on its heels, change branches, then fly off. He flew to another tree, where another member of the anti-hawk union started to drive him away.

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