Visitors to a Chinese Zoo Feed Carp Bananas by Hand
Is all this panda puppetry really necessary? (Aside from producing adorable pictures)
Alaska bans tasers on bears, moose, fearing "catch and release" hunting
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Silly Stories in Animals This Week

Conan O’Brien finds a new way to fill time: kissing dolphins.

I didn’t steal any pigs, a Chinese farmer claims. Then he opens the gate and the eight stolen pigs trudge out and home 1 km. He confessed.

A decade-long survey of ocean wildlife is almost done and boy do we have some freaky fish.

You thought making a shadow puppet of a rabbit was hard? Tens of thousands of starlings do you one better.

This is not the first time this Australian weatherman has been pinched on the bum by a bird, says the anchorman.

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