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Odd Stories in Animals This Week

New York City may finally  be safe for parrots. The city council is about to vote on a bill that would protect the colonies of monk parrots.

Texas girl survives rabies without much treatment. She did become “combative” as one of her symptoms, though.

The Fish and Wildlife Service is auctioning off 300,000 items made from wildlife to save on storage costs. Don’t expect any rhino heads or elephant feet. They aren’t selling anything endangered and the listings so far are pretty tame: Avon watches or Cole Haan “leather driving slippers w/ dog-faces water snake skin trim.” This isn’t what you fear: it’s a kind of snake.

Fruit bats can eat fermented fruit because they’re big drunks anyway.

The Sage Grouse might be declared endangered by next Friday. Guess what? The Wyoming Tribune doesn’t think they deserve it and thinks the 2005 decision by the Bush administration–though found tainted by politics–was just fine.

This cow in India can milk herself. She doesn’t need anyone to pull on her udders, she just whizzes the milk away.

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