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Best Dog Stamps. Ever.

In London, the Royal Mail just announced a series of special stamps showboating adorable rescue dogs and cats from the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home done in loving photo portraits. We’ve had some spay neuter stamps in the US. You can still get some HSUS ones from Zazzle. But these Battersea stamps beat everything.

The London shelter is 150 years old, the oldest shelter in England. Like all shelters, it’s been hit hard by the recession and just instituted a waiting list for animals to get in.

The postage is hardly political, but they do highlight that you can get a healthy, charismatic, gorgeous animal from the pound. And that’s something coming just after the BBC documentary Pedigree Dogs Exposed and its fallout rocked England‘s purebred community. Plus, the first day of issue had two fantastic paw prints (one cat, one dog) as a cancellation stamp, PostalHeritage points out. Maybe Battersea will get a boost from the stamps.

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