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Recovering Squirrel Fends Off Invader

Mommy Squirrel BegsMickey, the sweet black squirrel with a malocclusion, had an intruder this weekend. A wild squirrel we call Mommy Squirrel bust into the apartment and got Mickey so agitated that for the first time in three months she bothered to escape from her cage and climb a brick wall.

Mickey normally doesn’t like to go out of her house. She comes out to eat, go to the bathroom, harumph around to complain if I haven’t adequately stocked her with avocado. She only climbs the bars if she’s agitated.

Mommy Squirrel lives nearby. Like last year, she is nursing and hungry enough to make a pest of herself. She is both pushy and picky. If she mere peanuts, apples and bananas are offered on the window sill, she’ll put her paws to the window. Where’s my chestnut? Or even a walnut will do.

Saturday I was painting and had the window open. I walk into the office to find Mommy on my desk chair and Mickey climbing the wall. I’m not sure which of these ladies upset the other. I’d like to think Mickey, enraged at yet another encroachment on her home ownership, came out to drive intruder Mommy Squirrel away.

I shooed Mommy outside, then guided Mickey back to her house. Once Mommy was out, she headed back that way anyway. The only solution I can think of is just to leave plenty of nuts outside for Mommy, who is having a tough time this year because her ne’er-do-well sons from last year have claimed my bountiful window sill as their turf and try to chase her away.

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