Pelicans, Otters, Manatees Could be Hurt by Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill
See Bears Without Hunting Them?
USDA Kills Another 4 million animals, including 477 dogs and 1,991 feral cats
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Vermonts moose

NJ osprey

world cup animal mania

Sea lions take over dock at Moss Landing, California

tagged manatees

NC horses in VA
Instead, they are thought to have been descended from Spanish mustangs that lived free on the North Carolina Outer Banks for centuries.
While many of these mustang descendants now live in the Currituck Wild Horse Sanctuary in North Carolina, the Pungo horses were bound and determined to cross over the state line and establish residence in Virginia.
Over time, this group, under the leadership of a shiny red stallion with a long black mane, left their larger gang behind in North Carolina. Perhaps to isolate his mares from the other stallions, the big male began bringing his family up into Virginia, where they enjoyed fine dining in grassy Sandbridge yards and entranced many residents.
Donna Snow, president of Virginia Wild Horse Rescue,

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