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Animals Catch World Cup Fever

black squirrel soccer ball

Mickey is all feet with the football

Around the world animal lovers are posing cute critters with soccer balls. It’s as if instead of Brazil versus England, it’ll be Team Fish versus Team Elephant.   A Japanese aquarium figured out how to give a soccer ball to fish, with “Blue tangs, symbolising Japan’s national soccer team who are popularly known as “Blue Samurai.”

I’m not above it. Here’s the squirrel football team.


Alvin puts on his game face

squirrels play football or soccer

The Gray Team has the ball

fish play footbal

Blue tangs symbolize Japan's team, who are called "Blue Samurai"

South Korean Orangutans

South Korean OAfrican penguins play football at Hakkeijima Sea Paradise aquarium in Yokohama (Xinhua/Reuters Photo)

elephant soccer

African Soccer Star !! by Picture Taker 2

Corgi in Training

Corgi in Training by this is emily

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