Meet Ned, Baby Skunk

skunk drinking

Ned drinks

I haven’t gotten to go out to see animals this week, but a baby skunk came to me. My rehabber friend Celie was visiting the city from Poughkeepsie and she brought “Ned” down in a carrier because she needs to eat every few hours.

Ned–a female baby skunk–has a body like an over-inflated squirrel baby. She’s got a huge belly and feet that look like miniature grizzly bear paws. Celie says she was nearly lifeless for three days, but now is a strong eater. Some people think baby skunks don’t have any spray, but that’s not quite true. Ned didn’t spray us, but she definitely has a funk about her. Celie said she was worried her fellow train passengers would bump the little carrier and set her off. Like other skunks, she’s grabby and playful, which is why people (sometimes illegally) de-scent skunks and keep them as pets.

Skunk lovers are having a SkunkFest on the outskirts of Cleveland September 11. “All Skunks welcome although you do not need to be a skunk owner to attend!” the folks at the rescue group Skunk Haven say.

My husband doesn’t have to worry about me caring for a skunk anytime soon. Even apart from the smell issue, you need a rabies vector license to take them in.

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Ned guzzles

Ned guzzles

Milk faced skunk baby

Milk-faced skunk baby

Skunk toes

Skunk toes

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