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Hunter Can’t Shoot Bear; Kisses, Hugs Him Instead (in Ad)

A hunter aims at a bear menacing a tent, but just can’t shoot the animal, in an ad by Tipp-Ex, the British version of white-out. Then the fun begins: you get to use Tipp-Ex to cover up the word shoots and replace it with whatever you want. You can have the hunter kiss the bear, hug the bear or dance with the bear. I’m not sure how many possibilities there are in the bear-hunter interaction. It’s like the animal lovers version of Burger King’s Subservient Chicken.

What if you really want the hunter to shoot the bear? Too bad. Type that in and the bear plays a prank on the hunter instead.

Dances with Bear

Re-write the hunter’s story here

Where to Go See Bears

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  • […] Hunter Can't Shoot Bear; Kisses, Hugs Him Instead in Ad … Re-write a hunter's story and have him hug, kiss or dance with a bear in an interactive ad for Tipp-Ex. […]