Fabulous Possum Video: Ad Campaign or Satire?

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Questions about how to give a possum a pedicure or tail massage? You’ll want to consult the videos of ME Pearl that Boing Boing highlighted. The videos blend animal care, a Betty White-like host and highly detailed instructional videos. Since it’s from California, you are never sure if the ME Pearl character really believes in chakras or the aesthetics of a possum pedicure.

So, what’s going on? Is she just another animal kook? But she looks so well put together and is funny. MeFi commenters identified her as “Anna Dresdon: Actress, Mime, Acting Coach.” BoingBoing thinks the whole thing may be some marketing ploy from companyv.com, a Santa Monica company that designed the site. So is it all some kind of cynical branding scam and we’ll find out in a few months that Revlon made the whole thing up?

Unlikely. For one, the videographer has access to an extraordinarily patient and docile possum named Peach and a baby squirrel. Second, the possum maven makes sure to give all the right disclaimers about not picking up a wild animal on a whim and finding a wildlife rehabber. Third, she throws around a lot of rehabber jargon, like spring baby.

No, I think it’s a half-earnest, half-satirical video somehow from SquirrelMender, a Thousand Oaks, CA. Sharon Baird runs SquirrelMender. She’s a wildife wildlife rehabilitator who specializes in squirrels and also had her site designed by companyv.com. And it is possible that animal people can have a sense of humor about their work. This just seems like a well-written version of the countless YouTube videos on wildlife procedures that rehabbers post. (I called both SquirrelMender and CompanyV and so far haven’t heard back from either.)

The ME Pearl site explains that the woman was inspired by a baby squirrel found a long time ago that couldn’t be released back to the wild because its leg was chewed off by a crab. In another video the possum lady  “Many people have confused me the person with ME Pearl the squirrel. No. No, I’m simply someone who prefers to remain anonymous because I find this whole thing embarassing.”

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