OK Go: Dances With Mutts

OK Go's White Knuckles Video

OK Go even makes dancing with a pack of dogs look easy. And not at all creepy like they must have spent years training for the occasion.

I counted nine dogs and one goat in the White Knuckles video. The real stars are two little terrier mixes who look like they might be ringers, by that I mean professional circus dogs.  The dance crew also includes at least one skillful German Shepherd-ish Malinois, a spaniel, a total big goofy mutt, a pit mix, a fluffy shit-tzu, chihuahua and a golden retriever. All the animals seemingly have a fabulous time.

Actually New York Magazine says it was 12 dogs and it took them two weeks of rehersals to get the video. Trish Sie, who directed the band’s famous treadmill video and is the singer’s sister, told New York that the idea of this one was that the guys become “the machines and they’re enabling and operating the dogs.” So the dogs are gracefully riding the band as they spin furniture and props underneath them. The trainers came from talentedanimals, New York says, though I’m unclear whether at least some of the dogs came with the band. If you were in the band, wouldn’t you want your dog in the video? Of course you would.

The band’s site says most of the dogs were rescues and they “worked harder (and with a lot less complaining) than we did, and never ceased to make us smile during the extensive training and filming process.” So the band is giving some video proceeds to dog rescue groups and the video gives a nice shout-out and link to the ASPCA.

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