Kissing, Peanut Butter Licking Dominate Barktoberfest 2010

Doggy Kissing Contest Winner

Rockland County’s Hi-Tor Shelter put its own touch on dog Halloween, with Barktoberfest 2010 yesterday. Sure, many dogs had fun costumes, but the real show was in the peanut butter licking and kissing contests. The dogs got to flaunt their personalities and skills, not just show off their good looks.

The event got a steady stream of dog people over four hours in Kakiat Park, which is next to Harriman State Park (Bear Mountain), raising money for the shelter. Here is the shelter’s Petfinder list of available dogs, cats and hamsters. One recent adopter said he was amazed at how many different kinds of dogs and cats they have at the shelter–all because of the recession. I was the volunteer photographer and got to see lots of sweet dogs–not all from the shelter–having fun. (See photo gallery below or more pictures on Flickr.)

The event started with a sponsored dog walk in the woods; Hi-Tor alum got to start first. The woods were that perfect fall backdrop you used to get when you got your picture taken at Sears.

Next came the peanut butter licking contest. The shelter workers carefully spread the good stuff thinly all around the plate so the dogs would have to work for it. Dozens of dog owners held their plates high, then let the dogs have at it. The peanut butter contest was followed by lots of drinking water and licking aimlessly at the air.

My favorite part of the kissing contest was seeing all the techniques dog people employ to get a kiss–kissing the dog, making smoochy faces, nuzzling, treats. As the festivities wound down, people checked out the latest in dog toys and paraphernalia. Dogs got to test the wares and many went home with a new treat for behaving so well.

Check out the Hi-Tor Shelter, the only shelter in Rockland County

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