Hawk stares at cat through fire escape window


Hawk on Fire Escape by Ada Nieves

Red-tailed hawks have been returning to Manhattan in great numbers lately and sometimes they get a little bold. ┬áHere’s a picture of a hawk peering hungrily into a window at a pet cat named Martini.

Ada Nieves, better known to NYC animal lovers as the mom of model chihuahuas, says Martini was locked in a gaze with the hawk. In the photo it looks like the hawk is a Christmas present dreamed up by Martini, but that’s just the reflection in the window you’re seeing.

“He was standing in the edge of the air conditioner at our fifth floor apt window looking inside,” she says. “We noticed Martini staring and went to see what he was watching so attentively that he wouldn’t come to his food.”

I’ve seen hawks roost on NYC fire escapes and heard they sometimes looked like they wanted to eat the animals inside, but never seen a picture.

Where to Go to See Hawks (if they don’t magically appear right outside your window)

Where to See Wildlife in NYC

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