A turtle needs back wheels like a fish needs a bicycle & other animal news today

Israel: A turtle needs back wheels like a fish needs a bicycle
The turtle Tzvika lost his back legs in a lawnmower accident and now has back wheels. Boing Boing

Drug-Sniffing Dogs Mostly Wrong
New study shows that most of the time Illinois drug-sniffing dogs tell cops to search a car, they don’t find any drugs there. Cops: yeah, but there were probably drugs their before. Civil libertarians: The cops are probably getting the dogs to do the signal because they search an awful lot of Mexicans’ cars and find nothing.Chicago Trib

Daytona Beach, FL: Right whales return, get stuck in fishing lines
Right Whales are hanging around Florida and calving, as they like to do this time of year. Rescuers are trying to get more fishing line off one skinny whale. The whale stranding network pulled 150 feet of rope off the 30-foot whale Dec. 30, but there’s still a lot left on the whale, who has been tracked to Brunswick, Ga. News Journal

California: Grandfather of west coast whale-watching dies
John Olguin was a lifeguard put in charge of a collection of sea specimens held in mayonnaise jars. He turned it into a museum and turned the west coast onto whale-watching. WSJ

New York: Squirrel Escapes Tigers
A small gray squirrel was released after getting caught in the tiger pen at the Buffalo Zoo. WGRZ

New Jersey: Hawks Eat Pretty Birds
Hawks lurk at bird feeders to hunt, horrifying the people who put the feed out. WildNJ

Terrierman Retires
Amazingly funny and informative dog blog calls it quits for now. Terrierman

Poland: Fireman rescue deer
The deer was stuck on an ice floe in the Baltic Sea LA Times

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