Daily AnimalTourist: Horsemeat, Nazi Dog and Ohio Bear Pets

Las Vegas Horsemeat Summit Thinks Up Marketing Plans

Horsemeat convention tries to come up with ways to sell eating horses to Americans. Mainly they pretend to have animal protection groups, Temple Grandin and common sense on their side. The “summit” was run by Wyoming politician Slaughterhouse Sue who wants to open her own slaughterhouse. AnimalTourism

Nazis Hated Dog Called Hitler

New Nazi records uncovered show how the Third Reich was obsessed with a Finnish dog named Jackie who did a Sieg Heil. Jackie anti-Nazi’s owners discovered she did the weird salute on her own, then made a game of it by getting her to do it whenever they said “Hitler!” When questioned they implausibly claimed Hitler was the name of a relative. The Guardian and Die Tageszeit

Outgoing Ohio Gov Finally Gets Around to Banning Exotic Pets

The new rule, which bans dangerous and stupid pets like lions and bears, is only temporary, but the new governor says he likes it, too. LA Times

Rare Tortoise has 80th Birthday

One of  only three Aldabran giant tortoises left in the world, Hugo had his 80th birthday at the Balllarat Wildlife Park in Australia. Courier

Norfolk loves otters

Still hard to see in the  wild, otters enjoyed online. The Telegraph

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