Feds pay 232x what they charge in grazing fees for bison; Fugitive prairie dogs & more animal news

WY: Wildlife News calculates feds pay church ranch 232X the rate feds take in to graze bison.

Is the $3.3 million dollar deal to let Yellowstone bison graze on a neighboring ranch in winter going to stop the buffalo culls? Ken Cole is skeptical. Yellowstone is paying $3.3 million dollar for a 30 year deal deal to let 30-100 Yellowstone bison graze in the winter on the neighboring Church Universal and Triumphant’s (CUT) Royal Teton Ranch (RTR). The church puts a ton of restrictions on the bison and charges $313 Animal Unit Months (AUMs) while the BLM or forest service charges ranchers only $1.35 per AUM. Wouldn’t it be cheaper to buy the land? The Wildlife News

Africa & South America: Leatherback Sea Turtles Take Crazy Route

Satellite tracking shows for the first time the long and twisty route leatherback sea turtles take between Brazil and Africa. Science Daily

Mother Jones Slams Obama’s Wildlife Record

Didn’t you just know from when Obama got a purebred puppy that he wasn’t an animal person? Mother Jones puts stats to your unease. He’s done a lousy job with endangered species. Mother Jones

Columbus, OH: Watch Out For Prairie Dogs

Neighbors of the Columbus Zoo should look out for seven prairie dogs on the run. The whistle pigs are new to town; they escaped from a quarantine pen. Another four have been tracked down. LA Times

Where to Go See Bison

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