Oregon's Peak Week for Whales; A "South Sudan" Would Be Good For Wildlife

(Sciurus vulgaris)Go See Whales in Oregon this Week

This is the peak week to go whale watching on Oregon’s Whale Trail. —KBND and Oregon Whale Watching Sites

Scotland is Devising a “Red Squirrel Safari”

Glens of Antrim wants to draw tourists with their adorable and endangered red squirrels. They’d put up distribution maps and tip sheets on bulletin boards. —BBC

Yellowstone Wolf Watch

Kathy Lynch gives an update on Yellowstone wolf packs this winter. The Blacktail Plateau pack is probably the easiest to see and she’s loved seeing the reunion of the once-vanquished “Big Blaze,” who returned to the pack in July.  Wildlife News

South Africa’s Dancing Horses

A troop of dancing Lipizzaner horses struggles to keep going in South Africa since then end of white-dominated culture. The dancing horses were smuggled out of Europe, escaping becoming meat for Nazis only by being smeared in grease. They tried to retire the show’s star, but the horse got depressed and skinny, so now he is happy to play a small role. LATimes

Extinct Jamaica Ibis Could Punch

A new, extinct species of ibis was found on Jamaica. It had strong, thick wings, so it probably couldn’t fly, but could throw a tough punch. New York Times

South Sudan Could Really Help Wildlife

Residents of southern Sudan are voting overwhelming to break away from the Muslim-dominated north of their country this week. If the expected independence materializes, the new country–though poor–could be a real boon to wildlife. The animals are already there; tourists would love to visit the country once its at peace. Discovery News

HSUS Gives Obama a B

That’s up from a B- last year and I think kind of a kiss-ass move considering how little he’s actually done. HSUS

Huffpo Highlights Animal Weirdos of 2010

From the thylacine to the Possum Lady (whom we love). Huffington Post

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