Belarus fox shoots hunter–but prosecutors doubt it; Rescued FL bobcat an online hit

Belarus prosecutors and media mock the story. Photo courtesy of

Fox shoots hunter–or so hunter claims. Belarus prosecutors not so sure.

A fox shot a hunter in the thigh in Belarus–at least that’s the story the 40-year-old is telling. Shchuchyn prosecutors seem skeptical and are checking if it’s even physically possible. He says he shot the fox, then tried to finish her off with the butt of her gun. She fought back and her paw cleverly pulled the trigger of his dvuhstvolnogo gun.  Blog Grodno and Belarus Communications

Rare white possum found in LeRoy Oakes Forest Preserve, near  St. Charles, IL. Wildlife Extra

South African rangers kill 5 rhino poachers in Kruger

This month Kruger National Park rangers shot and killed five rhino poachers in two incidents; three escaped over the border to Tanzania. Rangers are pushing back against poachers, who killed 333 rhinos in South Africa last year, 146 in Kruger alone. Coastweek

Shark found with fins hacked off on Delaware coast. Wildlife Extra

Big cat thought extinct re-found in Borneo

The Borneo Bay Cat was photographed on a motion-sensor camera. It hadn’t been seen since 2003 and was presumed extinct. Free Malaysia

Uh-Oh: mad cow-like disease could be spread by air

Biologists discovered that prions–the weird0 protein lifeforms that spread Mad Cow, Scrapie and Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease, could be spread by air. So, humans and animals wouldn’t necessarily have to eat an infected animal to get sick. Slaughterhouse rules might have to be reconsidered. WIRED

Florida bobcat rescued by passing cat lover, wrangled by construction worker husband

The injured cat was hit by a car, so Nici Haerter called her husband, who’s had experience handling big cats. He approached the cat with a spread blanket, then got it into a dog cage and eventually to Big Cat Rescue, where “Skip” is an internet star. Chicago Tribune

California’s Cabrillo National Monument has Whale Watch and Intertidal Life Festival this weekend to enjoy passing gray whales. LA Times

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