Dogs and vacuums living together

When I first heard in Fast Company that Dyson had a dog hair pet groomer, I thought: What’s next? A motorcycle powered bath? Dogs and vacuums are mortal enemies.

My new beagles flee to the farthest corner of the apartment to get away from the vacuum monster. Other dogs like to bite their vacuum.

Dyson spokesperson Valerie Silvis says they did extensive tests and had an ASPCA animal behaviorist weigh in. The Groom Tool is made to suck up the hair and dander of dogs with medium to long fur.

You run the brush over your dog and it sucks up stray hair and dander. (The dander is what people are allergic to, so that would be a huge improvement.) Some hair gets stuck in the bristles, so you release them with a trigger and they get sucked up, too. The design means that if you had an avowed vacuum-hater dog, you could use it with the vacuum off and at least not have to clean the brush.They brag it means you don’t have to clean up the brush and floor. Who brushes their dog inside?

“If this video is any indication, I think most dogs (and dog owners) will be pretty¬†pleased!,” she said.¬†Of course, I don’t want to take a company video as truth. (And no test product seemed to be forthcoming.) So I looked around on YouTube and sure enough, dogs seem okay with it. This vacuum cleaner blogger (!) likes it. The video below shows it tested ok with civilian dogs. I guess because the vacuum is so quiet, they don’t mind it.

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