Charming hobo dog gets place at Best Friends, MO tries to repeal prop B

Rusty aka Steve Arfenbarker with food offerings before capture / Julie Gleason

Chicagoans send off Rusty, a stray dog neighbors fed for 3 years, to Best Friends

Tons of Oak Brook neighbors thought they were the only friend and food source to Rusty, a chow mix that was too shy to be pet or caught. Finally an animal control officer did catch him and brought him to Hinsdale Humane Society, where Rusty’s many friends set up a fund so he could go to Best Friends in Utah, which is known for its ability to transform shy dogs. “The Dogtown staff at Best Friends has quite a track record of taking these shy kids and putting them into “the melting pot” (as in melting into someone’s arms) and our Wallflower classes are specifically dedicated to dogs like Rusty,” the shelter told Rusty’s fan club.

Daily Herald and Facebook

Mexican ranch open to jaguars, animal tourists

A ranch near the AZ border welcomes jaguars, javelina, coati and all kinds of birds. Wildlife watchers can stay and go on a desert safari. AnimalTourism

Chicago Chihuahua nearly gets snatched by owl

Chico was walking with his dad at night when an owl swooped down, grabbed him and dragged him across the snow. He had a puncture wound, but his coat saved him from serious injury. The Weather Channel

Border Collie shows off, learns 1022 words

Border collies never get tired of beign smarty pants. Chaser, a Spartanburg, S.C. dog,  learned the name of more than 1,000 objects from John W. Pilley, a retired psychology professor. She also knows categories of objects (like toy or ball) and that the name of the object is not necessarily a command to get it. New York Times and Behavioral Processes

Missouri pols trying to overturn Prop B referendum that restricts puppy mills Wayne Pacelle/HSUS

Purdue study on barnyard air quality to set standards for EPA farm emissions. JCOnline

Buffalo Zoo helping breed and save local salamander Times Union

Where to Go to See Goofy Dog Events

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