Wildlife taser; DC keeps adorable pandas & a tour of other animal news


Grizzly in Yellowstone

AZ company launches Taser for wildlife

Taser International launches the $2,000 Taser Wildlife Electronic Control Device. It’s meant to immobilize but not kill an attacking moose or bear from up to 35 feet. It’s like high tech bear spray. It’s certainly better than shooting them, though if it catches on more will be tased than needed. Bloomberg

Rat killing dog in Washington Square Park

Some little terrier has fun chasing and shaking rats to death in Manhattan’s Washington Square Park. Is that ok, but the woman whose dogs kill squirrels not? Unclear. But because one is native wildlife and the other is an invasive pest it probably is. Also, probably better for the park than rat poison.  NYCtheBlog

Hawaii site for whale watchers

Exploring Maui.com will show HI’s half million whale watchers where to see the humpbacks that migrate from AK.

Five animals we’d rather see cloned than the woolly mammoth.

Curtis Carter makes some good choices, though how the thylacine is not number one I don’t understand. He also wants a Neanderthal, Saber-tooth tiger, Irish elk and dodo. I’d swap the Neanderthal for a Carolina parakeet (North America’s parrot that we wiped out).  Seattle Weekly

10,000 year old bone in Texas shows people then ate dogNYT

New species of giant crayfish with “bearded antenna” found in TN, ALSify

One of the 130 remaining gray whales that live in the western Pacific is tracked swimming fast to AKLATimes

DC is keeping their adorable pandas that Americans love to watch in person or online for another 5 years, thanks to new deal with ChinaWashington Post

Creepy AZ restaurant to serve African lion tacos. MSNBC

The Animal Legal Defense Fund is offering Advancement of Animal Law Scholarships to law students. Our Hen House

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