Hunter shoots Assateague wild horse; Yellowstone wolf poisoned by banned compound

Wild Horse Grazing

Wild Horse Grazing

Wild horse on Assateague killed during deer hunt

A hunter reported finding the horse the day after finding it during the island’s 2-day deer hunt. Huh? Why the wait? They shot a 28-year-old mare, known as N2BH, who had six colts. She was on birth control, so she wasn’t going to produce any more. Baltimore Sun

Yellowstone wolf poisoned by banned compound 1080

A gray wolf from the Yellowstone area that was found dead in Colorado in April, 2009 died of the controversial poison compound 1080, Wildlife Extra reports. It took the Fish and Wildlife Service 20 months to get around to the necropsy, but now they are asking for tips as if they’re treating it like a hot case. The compound was once banned by Nixon but the USDA still sometimes uses it to protect livestock. Not in CO, says Wildearth Guardians. The USDA’s Wildlife Services used M-44 cyanide capsules to kill 45 coyotes and 4 red foxes in CO in 2009.  Tracking showed the wolf had traveled 3,000 miles in her last few months.

Hawk rescued from Times Square air shaft

Bobby and Cathy Horvath and Peter Richter swooped in to save the juvenile red-tailed hawk stuck in two feet of snow in an air shaft in the New York Times building. Queens Raptors

Obama refuses to raise grazing fee and cut $115 million subsidy to cattle industry

The Obama administration refuses to raise the rock bottom $1.35 a month to graze livestock on public land–even though that’s about one-tenth the going rate. The rate’s been unchanged for years. It costs taxpayers $115 million a year, said the GAO back in 2005. Several conservation groups are thinking of suing; their petition to raise the rates goes back to 2005. The decision is bad news for wolves, coyotes, bison, elk and any other wildlife out west. Wildlife News

Happy Squirrel Day!

Birds use nest flair to show off territory

Black kites in Spain throw a bit of white plastic in their nests to show they own the territory, biologists found. The stronger you are or the better real estate you have, the more likely you are to want to adorn your nest with white plastic. Really young or old birds didn’t use any, poor things. WIRED

Peta doesn’t like the dog that kills rats for fun in Washington Square Park

Peta says it’s felony animal fighting and also “depraved, sadistic.” NYC The Blog

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