BLM dumps Pickens’ horse sanctuary; Coyote breaches Long Island; Wales gets Whales

The Bureau of Land Management Rejects Pickens Horse Sanctuary

In a late Friday news dump, the BLM squashed Madeleine Pickens’ plans to save wild horses by neutering them and creating a sanctuary in Nevada. The agency–which wants to capture and euthanize the horses–says the plan lacks details, water and forage. Ok, so then how about just putting fewer horses? Pickens says she was blindsided.  LATimesMadeleine Pickens

Where to See Wild Horses

GA won't charge the hunter who set up this online poaching rig

Georgia yahoos offer online poaching with shotguns on the ground

Georgia and Homeland Security don’t bother to charge a guy with poaching even though he set up a remote control 6-shotgun system to kill feral hogs (and anything else he wanted). Augusta Chronicle and Wildlife News

Whales off Wales

Wales hopes new fin whale sightings will lead to whale watching industry. Wales Online

Sharks in Queensland flood waters

Bull sharks (a dangerous kind) have been spotted in the flooded streets of Goodna. Queensland Times

Where to See Wildlife in Australia

Tasmanian Devils move to Australia sanctuary

The hope is to have them survive the contagious cancer that is wiping out the wild devils. Wildlife Extra

Coyotes may have made it to the last U.S. stronghold, Long Island

A coyote in Calvary Cemetery in Woodside, Queens, NYC, may be the first to colonize Long Island.– Coyotes, Wolves and Cougars

Patrick Burns (Terrierman) on the British versus American Kennel Clubs

The British club now has rules against incest and wants to limit the number of litters a female dog can produce. They’re hoping to limit the product and keep prices up. The AKC doesn’t see the need for restrictions on breeding close relatives or dogs with genetic problems. Dogs Today

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