Wolf seminars in Midwest; crazy wolf hunting bills out west; good news for big cats

WI holding wolf seminar

Wisconsin and Timber Wolf Information Network is holding a two-day class on wolves, including one day in the field tracking at the Babcock Outdoor Skills Center. Chicago Tribune

New Republican Congress wasting no time gunning for wolves

A MT congressman introduced the first crazy-ass wolf bill of the season, which would hand over management to MT and ID. So much for reasonable bi-partisanship. Wildlife News

Wolf expert talk in Michigan

Mike Cromley, an educator with the Timber Wolf Alliance, told the tale of wolves in Michigan. They came back on their own from Canada and are now not just in the Upper Peninsula. Coyotes, Wolves and Cougars

Freed Bolivian circus lions headed to Denver sanctuary

25 lions sprung from horrible conditions by Bolivia’s progressive circus animal ban are headed to AnimalTourism

leopard with crazy big spots

Sunda clouded leopard from Borneo taken by an automated camera-trap set up by the Conservation of Carnivores in Tangkulap Forest Reserve on Sabah

New Borneo big cat is actually two new species Christian Science Monitor

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