Squirrel stalls car with 6 lbs of peanuts; Why not to try “suicide by bear”

Berwick-upon-Tweed mechanic Stuart Gillies shows off the squirrel's cache of peanuts.

Squirrel stalls car by caching six pounds of peanuts in the engine
The car’s owner brought the car in after it had trouble making it up hills. A mechanic found the peanut cache in the air intake system. A gray squirrel had broken into his stash of bird food in the garage. Berwickshire News

Suicide by grizzly bear fail
Here’s one downside of believing all the hype about bear attacks. You might be tempted to try “suicide by bear.” Cops say convicted killer and escapee Tracy Province “planned to go up in the mountains and shoot a gram of heroin and be bear food. He wanted to overdose and let the bears eat him.” He didn’t take the heroin (claims divine intervention) and didn’t even come close to the requisite smearing himself with rotten meat or hanging out on an elk carcass to get the job done. Gawker

62 doomed Yellowstone bison freed from pen after public outrage. Buffalo Field Campaign

Eagle watching festival season is now in full swing from New York to California. AnimalTourism

Beleaguered NYC carriage horses had to go out in the blizzard to haul tourists. Gothamist

FL big cat rescuer sleeping with lions to raise money

James Jablon with Wildlife Rehabilitation of Hernando County is trying a stunt to keep his sanctuary open: he’s living in the lion pen. Other rescue groups aren’t amused, saying it’s risky and exploits the big cats. LA Times

600 sea turtles died during the gulf spill–way more than normal HuffPo

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