Whale watching in NYC, New wolf in Africa

Whales, dolphins and seals moving into New York harbor NY Daily News

Where to Go See Whales

Elephants like their new tunnel
Kenyan elephants start using underpass five days after it opened. The $250,000 tunnel is part of a $1 million wildlife corridor that connects two populations. Richard Branson of Virgin paid for a good chunk of it. Chicago Tribune

Tompkins Square hawk eats squirrel AnimalTourism

Wolf sightings
Africa may have a new species of wolf in Eritrea, Science Daily says. Colorado says they don’t quite believe a guy who says he saw a wolf in Fort Collins.

Maybe animals getting used to people isn’t so bad
J.E.S. Higham and E.J. Shelton question the traditional notion that animals getting used to humans (habituation) “by definition, is undesirable.” They say that the category needs to be broken down further into how animals react: avoidance/approach behaviours, tolerance, habituation and sensitisation.   Tourism Managment

Norwegians castrate more reindeer to cope with global warming

Reindeer without testicles don’t waste energy on mating, grow bigger and let little ones eat more, Norwegian reindeer herds have found. Huffington Post

Cat Permanently Lives in Tree
Almond the cat was born in a tree and doesn’t want to leave. So the nice guy who lives next to the tree brings Almond food and created a shelter against the weather. YouTube

Florida wildlife cops catch a 15-foot, 150-pound python that somebody used to keep as a pet Chicago Tribune

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