150 Yellowstone buffalo risk slaughter; Possum on diet to cure cross-eyes

150 Yellowstone bison captured likely to be slaughtered

The group will be tested for brucellosis, which cattle can catch from elk or maybe bison, and those that test positive will be killed. About half usually test positive because the test has a high false positive rate. But bison get slaughtered for it. The group of 300 probably includes the ones just released after a public outcry. How about that deal to let cattle on nearby Church land? Not working out so well–except for the church, which got a boatload of taxpayer money. Wildlife News

The Anti-Cross-Eyed Diet for Heidi

Heidi, the cross-eyed possum that’s charming Germany, is on a diet that may uncross her eyes. It’s nothing that special: lettuce, carrots and lean chicken. But the Leipzig Zoo has a theory that Heidi got so fat that her eyes crossed and they are trying to burn off possible fat deposits behind her eyes. Pinoyhalo

Jane Lynch wants to taunt Westminster Kennel Club with ad

Jane Lynch (a dogmatic coach on Glee and equally maniacal dog trainer in Best in Show) wants the USA Network, which is airing the AKC dog show soon, to let Peta run an ad encouraging shelter pets and pointing out how many dogs die because of breeders. Here’s the ad (sadly, she’s not in it), since you ain’t gonna see it on TV. Peta

Dog Jaunt compares French and American dog poop signs

Is dog sledding icky? Canadian dog sled outfit brutally killed 100 dogs after Olympics

Outdoor Adventures Whistler, a British Columbian outfitter, realized 300 sled dogs was too many after the Olympics crowd left. So they ordered workers to shoot them and bury them in a mass grave. Apparently, it went messy, gory and cruel; one dog ran around with its eye hanging out and others were buried alive.

Juvenile hooded seal resting in Buzzards Bay National Marine Life Center

Louisiana looks for Jaguar some jackass exotic pet owner set free before Katrina KDSU

Sri Lanka Navy turns to whale watching AnimalTourism

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