Wild Mexican wolf count up to 50; GA to cut hunting lands

Mexican gray wolf

Endangered Mexican Wolf Count up to 50

50 endangered Mexican wolves live in the wild, including two released this month (the first released in years in the stalled and mismanaged reintroduction program). Last year there were only 42 lobos and several were shot by ranchers. But 14 pups survived. AZCentral

Georgia may cut hunting lands

To cut expenses the state may not lease 25,000 of its 1 million “wildlife management areas,” the AP reports, but doesn’t mention how much money it would save. They probably won’t close any, just make them smaller. They also want to charge hikers and birders–which is fair, so long as non-hunters start getting a say in wildlife policy.

Pink dolphins in Pakistan died from fishing with chemicals

Fishermen have been arrested for using “toxic chemicals” to fish after six Indus blind pink dolphins showed up dead on river banks in Pakistan. The country recently redid its fishing license system and it’s all gone to hell. Express Tribune

Sri Lanka’s budding whale watching industry better set up some rules

Passengers don’t have safety equipment and captains chase whales, a biologist says. Lankan Business Online

NJ expects crowds for 10th annual Cumberland County Eagle Festival WildNJ

Happy Groundhog Day

History of the holiday Terrierman

Groundhog Trivia National Wildlife Federation

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