Nova Scotia still paying $20 coyote bounty; Wild bald eagle courts one at zoo

Coyote in Trap

Nova Scotia amazingly still paying a $20 coyote bounty

They hope to kill 4,000 this year, which many local residents think is absurd. Paying bounties to promote hunting and trapping largely went out of favor in the 1960s and 1970s and is blamed for all kinds of ecological havoc. Chronicle Herald

Poachers bring cut Finland’s wolf population by up to  16% in one year. Now only 150 left. YLE

South Dakota votes to allow ranchers to run down coyotes on snowmobiles. Peta

Where to Go See Wolves

Wild bald eagle tries to woo captive at Orange County Zoo

A wild bald eagle–presumably male, but nobody knows–is lurking outside the enclosure of Olivia, the zoo’s 6-year-old bald eagle, who is non-releasable. Discovery

Russia’s Antarctica Lake so far not turning up much

Russian scientists haven’t yet pierced Lake Vostok, the largest frozen Antarctic lake and a big mystery since it’s been cut off from the rest of the world for maybe a million years. American scientists don’t want them to in case they mess it up, NPR reports. But the BBC says that finding anything interesting is unlikely. The best chance was for there to be warm sea vents, but the ice they’ve broken so far doesn’t show any evidence of that.

Chronic boat speeder has to forfeit boat after killing manatee Miami Herald

Sea World trainers won’t have to get in water with orcas

Sea World is debuting a new show that won’t require trainers to get in the water with killer whales, which have sometimes killed them. Orlando Sun-Sentinel

Parrots mostly left-handed, Australian researchers find. They favor their left eye and claw. Telegraph

New Mexico wants to protect science teachers who teach anti-science. WIRED

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