Domesticated fox pups


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  • dominic

    XI’m looking for an arctic fox for my uncle just got out of military and his passed away after 12 years and he’s going through a lot of PTSD and you only time he was comfortable is with the Fox I was wondering if there’s any way you could help me I have money but I don’t have a whole bunch is it away and help me my phone numbers 484 49800 area code 505

  • April Spencer

    I would like to adopt a fox in Kentucky, I’ll do anything. Keep a journal/blog up to date and everything for science. I’m hoping it’s in a fair pricing range though.

  • derrick leger

    Same here, I live in ma and have seen laws are strict, have you heard back from anyone in the last year or so?

  • Roberto Villanueva Sanchez

    Wow! You must against ALL pets then. What a shame, because they really do make such a great difference in so many people’s lives. Tell us more about what God is going to do to US, all knowing and wise one….I’m very interested!

  • You are all disgusting I am gonna report this shit poor anlmals leave alone,god will repay all you nasty twats.let them live there short lives happy with there parents

  • Sybell

    Hi I am thinking about owning a fox in Berlin Germany bad windsheim is it legal if so then where could I buy and for how much

  • Lyndsay Paquette

    Hi I wotherlike to adopt a pet fox I live in ma I know the laws are strict But is there a bit a way around them?If so what is the price?

  • Chloe Janisch

    I know Its legal and easy to own one in Wisconsin (where I live), Where can I Buy one????

  • Caleb Duncan

    what I ment was is it legal for me to own a fox in Oregon

  • Caleb Duncan

    can I have a fox in the state of Oregon?

  • tina wolf

    can you have a pet silver/black or marble color red fox in the state of delaware?

  • anonumus

    can i get a red fox pup in michigan for $400.00

  • Bree

    I’m looking to buy a baby red fox for around $400.00. I would like to get it in April. Where in Texas can I buy one??

  • Syd

    Where can you buy a fox like this??? And how much would they go for???

  • Anonymous

    I’ve not called, but they mention the year 2012.

  • Daniel

    i’ve been doing alot of research on foxes and stubbled across the article about the Domestic Silver Foxes you mentioned in this article and am looking to buy one. i’ve been searching for a couple weeks trying to find some for sale but most of the ones “For Sale” are old article and have been sold years ago. some ranging from $200-2,000. if you happen to find or know of any breeders that have baby foxes, specially this time of year please email me a responce with contact information. i live in the Houston, Texas area of the USA.

  • candace they are based in Nevada and will help you adopt, do the paperwork etc. check out their site.

  • Los Barron

    Hi I read the article in Geo for my Bio 10 class and thought the research was very interesting and would like to adopt a pet fox to help the project and save a life. I live in California and not sure what their laws are. I have a German Shepherd named “Sady” she 2 1/2 years and real friendly, she is the love of my life. Can you please email me with all the info you have thanks. Los Barron

  • Usman Aaron

    Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to own a fox pup in Canada, specifically the province of Ontario?
    Thank you!

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