Beagles overwhelm dog run for meetup

beagle meetup in stuyvesant squareMoxie and Huckleberry got to go to their first beagle meet-up this afternoon. A couple dozen hounds showed up to run and rassle in Stuyvesant Square dog run.

Beagles, Moxie and Huck have taught me, are all part of some secret society. They are all friends and greet each other enthusiastically. My dogs seemed stunned to find themselves among so many relatives. The other dogs had many of the same mannerisms. Since beagles are bred to hunt rabbits, I put out some rabbit urine (another fine eBay purchase). The beagles found it very interesting–some rolled in it.

I was expecting a giant beagle pack to form and run, but instead the beagles broke themselves into smaller groups: chasing, wrestling, fetching (not that beagles really bring the ball back), being sweet to people and scouring for food. Many shared Huck’s bad habit of poop-eating. When one dog pooped, four quickly came to appreciate the effort, followed quickly by four exasperated owners.

Joan Antelman and her sweet beagle Molly gave a talk about becoming a therapy dog through Bide-a-Wee. They evaluate your dog before class, to give you an idea if they could make it. Then there’s the class and test, where they have to show basic obedience, which, unfortunately, includes the “leave it” command. I think Huck would make a terrific therapy dog–if he can learn to leave it.

Meetup has 39 beagle meetup groups in the U.S. and Canada. The Beagle Pack in New York City has 316 members. In the summer they–or should I now say we–meet up about once a month in rotating dog runs. The next meetup in Saturday, May 14 at 2 pm in Tompkins Square Park. Since that’s Moxie and Huck’s home field, we hope they’ll feel more silly and play more.

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3 comments to Beagles overwhelm dog run for meetup

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  • I love all the Beagles. They are such sweet dogs and to have them all together is really
    very special. Looks like a great day!

  • Fantasit article! thanks so much, all the pics are great! I am sure bide a wee will appreciate the mention for the pet therapy program. hopefully some people will go through the training. if molly can learn leave it, any beagle can!!
    Joan and Molly