East Village hawk Dominatrix favors fancy NYU building over Tompkins Square

NYT webcam of red-tailed hawk nest at NYU

The East Village hawk known as The Dominatrix isn’t building a nest in Tompkins Square Park after all, but she may be the one now showing off her egg-sitting abilities to the world via a New York Times web cam.

Wildlife photographer Dennis Edge told me the big bird of prey isn’t the architect of the big nest on the Tompkins Square lawn, like I thought. It’s quite the opposite: instead of squirrels tearing down a hawk nest, the hawk occasionally jumps on the squirrel nest hoping to scare up a meal.

The big, bold hawk Dennis named Dominatrix hasn’t been hanging out much in Tompkins lately. And birders have speculated that it’s one hawk couple that flies between Tompkins and Washington Square parks. So, Dennis thinks Dominatrix is the one on the nest cam focused on a window on the 12th floor of the Boobst Library at NYU overlooking Washington Square Park. New York University has tamely named her Violet and her mate Bobby.

The Times is covering her saga and says she has three eggs.


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Read about the Tompkins Square nest

Watch live streaming video from nytnestcam at livestream.com

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