Huge Tompkins Square Beagle Meetup

Beagle for adoption in New York

Justin Beagle is up for adoption at Social Tees, 124 4th St, near 1st Ave. He's sweet and playful.

About 20-30 beagles (and beagle mixes) swarmed the Tompkins Square Dog Run yesterday, with lots of howling, singing, chasing and beagle fun.

I counted 20 beagles in the picture but I know there were a few that left early or came late. Like Justin Beagle, a sweet, fun beagle who needs a home and who is as cute as his namesake, Justin Bieber. He’s being fostered out of the East Village rescue group Social Tees on Fourth Street near First Avenue.


The New York beagle meetup group has had an astounding 66 meetups so far. They started in 2004 with just a handful of beagles. The ones I’ve been to this year have both had a couple dozen hounds. Beagle mixes are welcome. We’re beagle people, not snobs.

I see some other breed groups have a few more: Pomeranians claim 94. Malteses have met 104 times. Shiba Inus have met 214 times. Do shibas even play with each other? Or is it that they only relate to other shibas?

The Beagle Pack plans at least two more meetups this summer in the outer boroughs, one at the Brooklyn Hillside Dog Run June 12 at 2 and one in Queens at the Underbridge Doggie Park June 18 at 1. I’m not sure if Moxie and Huck will be able to go. Depends on whether we figure out a device to get them on the subway.

Huck and Moxie, who normally get excited to see other beagles, then rassle and run with them, were a bit stand-offish at the meetup and we’re not sure why. They definitely realized they were in a big beagle pack. But they did have fun and at least got a lot of beagle sniffing in. We had fun watching all the beagles sing and chase.


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2 comments to Huge Tompkins Square Beagle Meetup

  • Dave Carlisle

    Boyfriend was a bit stand-offish too. He’s always like that when we take him to Manhattan – I think the car journey fazes him first, so he gets off to a bad start. Hopefully he’ll be more fun at the Queens meetup.

  • Dave Carlisle

    Re: transporting beagle to the outerboroughs – we’ve taken our beagle (“Boyfriend” is his name!) on the subway a couple of times. We bought a really large ladies’ handbag from Marshalls (you know, the kind of oversize bags that someone like Paris Hilton would carry around). Boyfriend stands/sits inside it with his head poking out. We don’t do it often, because he doesn’t really like it, and he weighs a tonne. He’s timid of travelling anyway – more confident dogs might have a greater tolerance for being carried around in a bag.