Stuffed animals fools my dogs, Hampshire police

The Hampshire Police are making my beagles, Huckleberry and Moxie, look a lot better. Over the weekend they got a report of a white tiger in park. Naturally, they sent out armored cops and a helicopter with thermal imaging. What tipped them off that it was just a stuffed animal was that even the wind from the helicopter blades didn’t make the tiger get up.

Moxie and Huck have the same weakness for stuffed animals. We got them a realistic, life-sized beagle toy. Like some animal statues they find, they treat it like a real animal, sniffing its crotch. They go into a playing frenzy whenever we bring the third beagle out.

It’s hard to blame this on pranksters since it looks like nobody did anything more than leave a toy in a field. In England you can keep a tiger as a pet, so long as you get a dangerous wild animal license, then get approval from your local council. So maybe cops can blame it on exotic pet owners.

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